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Rantasmo gets rotten to the core and reviews the campy hot mess of Disney’s Descendants.

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  1. I too slapped a big old “Guilty Pleasure” on this one. I enjoy this, but the huge logic gaps and utter hypocrisy of the so called heroes infuriates me, as does the lack of menace from the villains. Kristen Chenoweth is just too adorable to be properly evil. Bitchy/catty, yes, but not evil. Like… why are these people afraid of… OH. Subtext. Much subtext.
    Unfortunately, given the huge fuss from conservatives when they had a same-sex couple for a single episode of one of their sitcoms, I’m going to bet it’ll be a while before Disney Channel dips a toe in there again.
    On the subject of Once Upon a Time, they did technically make Mulan some kind of queer, though it was never clarified if she was a lesbian or bisexual, but that’s been the only major character (and by major, I mean we haven’t seen her since season 3) who’s been made clear is any orientation other than straight. Though the HUGE portion of the fandom dedicated to Swan Queen makes it clear that a lot of people read subtext.

  2. Jonathan Gillispie

    I’m just all meh on the gay character thing. If it has no effect on the story and writing, whatever.

  3. Wait… when Jafar says store does he mean a convenience store? Because if so… whaaaaaat!

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I doubt that Disney will have a openly gay character in there original since the dumb parent consul will be outraged!!! But I’m suprised they even put little touches but as you said p the director Kenny Ortega is openly gay(which I didn’t know) so I get why he put it in there. One more thing before I go: where’s the needs more gay episode of Steven Universe!!!!!(seriously you could make so much out of that video and you’ll have a lot of comments on the video!!!!

  5. I concur a lot with this episode, but “Rotten to the Core” is just magical.
    I should point out that the actor who played Ryan in High School Musical (Lucas Grabeel) and director Kenny Ortega wanted to canonize (is that a word?) Ryan’s gayness in the third movie, but instead Disney said no and made sure he was paired with the songwriter chick (who many thought was a lesbian, anyway).
    Since there’s going to be a second movie, I hope they can make Carlos gay then. The Disney Channel already had an episode of their show, Good Luck Charlie, that featured a lesbian couple. Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network have had two shows with major queer characters, now’s your turn, Disney.

  6. You know, I only wanted to see this because of Kristin Chenoweth. Lo and behold, she was the only god thing about this movie. She’s so over-the-top and her performance is so WTF in the best way. Also, soundtrack wise (for me anyway) Evil Like me was the best song.

  7. It makes me so sad that Disney is still scared of presenting gay characters. It’s 2015 for crying out loud!

  8. Could you do an episode about Steven Universe. Come on, get in on the phenomenon.

  9. I randomly saw this soundtrack at Target today and was wondering if it was godawful or not.

    • If you can DVR the movie on TV (then you can see it for free). Watch and see for yourself. Taste is subjective, and everyone likes something different. Like I said, I thought Kristin Chenoweth’s song (Evil Like Me) was the highlight of the entire film. So rather than buying the entire soundtrack, I bought the one song on iTunes.

  10. For the record, they released a music video/promotion for an animated miniseries spinoff of Evie doing a jazzy cover of Rotten to the Core and it is BY FAR better than the original.

  11. LOL ^_^

    Looks like I’m not the only one who thought this was Disney’s ‘official’ take on “Ever After High”.
    Also, you are right: the whole “Keep the Bad Guys locked away on an island with their INNOCENT children” thing is VERY eyebrow raising 0_0

  12. this movie’s popularity BLEW UP among kids. Our store sold out the entire case of DVDs and Blu-Rays in only a couple days, and there were a lot of boys who were also huge fans of it, which was surprising to me because the toyline for the movie was firmly in the girl’s section.

  13. Wait…Why would Cruella Deville be included in a quartet of evil consisting of some of the most powerful Disney villains of all time? Don’t get me wrong, Cruella is one of Disney’s most iconic villains BUT she isn’t a fantasy villain in the same vein as Maleficent & Jafar, she doesn’t have any magical abilities, she’s just an evil rich lady who hired a couple of dumb thugs to kidnap 101 puppies so she could make coats out of them…Evil yes, but in no way on par with witch queens & an evil wizard/genie, she’s not really a fairy tale villain & wouldn’t have much to contribute to an alliance of evil consisting of so many powerful baddies.

    Wouldn’t Captain Hook, Hades, The Queen of Hearts, The Horned King, or Ursula fit in better with this fantasy world setting they have going? You know, characters who either rival Jafar, Grimhilde (the evil queen), & Maleficent in power or at least fit in better with a fantasy realm? Sorry, silly thing to fixate on I know but it really does seem out of place to me, even though I know there are a lot of other odd or nonsensical things to fixate on in this movie lol

  14. So if her daughter is named Evie, is her name in this is in fact “Evil Queen”? As in, that’s what it says on her driver’s license? I had to hit Wikipedia to find her name, sure, but I expected Disney to remember it.

  15. My reaction upon hearing about this project when it was first announced was, “And THESE are the villians you picked?” You’re telling me that not only did someone find Cruella and Jafar attractive, but slept with and had children with them as well? Maleficent, I can buy. She’s pretty damn hot. Even the Evil Queen, who was married, was at one point, considered the Fairest in the Land. But bony, chain smoking Cruella and bald, bad teethed Jafar? WHO BANGED THEM?!

    You know who would have a kid? Doctor Facilier. He could charm the pants off anyone. I wanna see THAT story. Shadowman seduces his assisstant or something and winds up with a Shadowkid.

    (Yes I am a person who thinks way too much about this stuff)

  16. The very idea of this movie just seems like somebody’s amateur fan fiction.

  17. I like to check on anything that brings a new spin to Fary Tales, but up to now only Once Upon a Time and the Fable comicbooks (and by asociation the game The Wolf Among Us) can keep me entertained…specially since I’m not a little girl, but an adult man.

  18. Did no one seriously feel the chemistry between Carlos and Jay? After just watching it the first time, I noticed how touchy they got and how clinging Carlos was to him. There were also times that they seemed to care more about one another than any of the other characters.
    It’s something I would definitely watch for next time if you plan to watch this again.

    This movie is shamelessly addictive for me at this point… XD

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