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Tim & Beth are joined by Abbey from OUATiming to talk about Disney’s High School Musical for Heroes & Villains, and try to figure out why a 16 year old is becoming lord of all creation.

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  1. Okay…every criticism of this film I’ve heard is sympathetic to the villains because they were cast off to a remote island. But do you really think the villains should be allowed to live with the heroes? Because, remember:
    Jafar: Multiple attempts at murder, attempted rape, enslavement, animal abuse
    Evil Queen: Child abuse, hired hitman, attempted murder
    Maleficent: Third degree murder, kidnapping, imprisonment, probably part of a Satanic cult
    Cruella: Kidnapping, animal abuse, probably road rage
    They probably should have gotten the kids out of there (I kinda just assumed most of the villains were too old to have kids, who knew?), but let’s be fair. That island is their version of prison and none of these people deserve less than a life sentence.

    • What I’m saying is: this movie took the names and outfits of these characters, but made no attempts to acknowledge anything else about them in canon. So either you can shut your brain off tight and forget everything you know and love about Disney, or you take a look at the dark themes and remember that the villains all tried to murder and rape the heroes, show no remorse, and will continue to do so if ever given the chance…wow, this movie is dark.

      • Have you forget about the Children also in the jail as well.Sound like nazi to me.

        • Yeah, I mentioned that. I don’t know why the idea of adopting these kids never came up. That was a dick move, I won’t deny that.
          But the villains themselves? They weren’t being discriminated against because they were a different race or religion, they were being discriminated against because they are sociopaths, abusers, rapists, murderers, kidnappers, and very bad at driving.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Him you uguys must have filmed this review in December since Beth’s hair is red and she dyed it black just sometime after Christmas. Despite that though real good episode and I’ve sent a few clips when I turned on my TV and I was on as channel playing it but never have sit down to watch a full episode of it(and probably never will). Also givin there making a sequel to this I feel they ended this one just perfect but like high school musical if its successful they’ll milk it until its dead!!!!

  3. Th-this was… this was all done to ruin the idea forever, right?

    Making all of these decisions, presented this way, all this was to make everyone who ever thought “But what would happen to their kids” after seeing a Disney movie, or heard the fairy tales, would remember this and wish they could kill their soul, right?


  4. the guy who plays Ben (Belle and Beasts son) is pretty awesome

  5. The ONLY reason I saw this was for Broadway legend Kristin Chenoweth. And what do you know, she was the best part (despite my thoughts that perky, hyper, bubbly Kristin Chenoweth was horribly miscast as the mistress of all evil). She also had the best song

  6. I also wondered who the girl in the wheel chair was supposed to be. Was she Ariel’s daughter in human form but didn’t want to walk on land because she felt pain with every footstep? I’m overthinking this….

  7. You did notice that the 16 year old future king is the wisest, kindest, humble and most excepting person in the movie? An he is the only one pushing for social and political reforms. Also any revolution will not work because ALL the magic light or dark has been collected by Beast which could explain how he took over.

  8. nihilism&daisychains

    oh you lot know rantasmo? that’s nice:)

  9. It’s not exactly a Gulag, because they villiains and throw away sidekicks do not work or labor in anything, so it’s more an Island Ghetto and lets not make references to the Nazi-forced Warsaw Ghetto for Jews.

  10. And also Beast King’s kingdom of Auradon is not highly militaristic, at all just a magical border force field.

  11. Dude have you even read Aleandre Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo in your entire life.

  12. ?, I know forgot the question mark because I was rushing, but haave ever read Le Comte De Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas and realized just how complex the novel and it’d characters are it is compared to the charaters in this superficilal musical shit? Didn’t think so.

  13. I’ve been waiting for this review since the beginning of December. I liked Descendants overall. It’s not a spectacular movie, but it’s fun and I’ll put it on while I’m doing chores or on the computer or something.

    I don’t think Ben was being made king in place of his father. Remember, in the beginning Mal said the Beast brought all the other kingdoms together and was voted King of the United States of Auradon. So, it’s likely Ben is just taking over his father’s own kingdom while his parents are still running Auradon overall. Basically, Beast is the president and Ben is the governor of their home state. At least that’s what I took from it.

    Ben publicly dumping his girlfriend should have been a red flag. The movie established that hardly anyone trusted the villain kids, so why didn’t they find it strange he leaves Audrey for Mal after knowing her one day. Instead, they all act like it’s love at first sight and have a big dance number. I kinda felt bad for Audrey. That was harsh, even for the mean girl character. The movie does have her go straight to dating Chad Charming, but it felt hollow somehow. Like the writers wanted to get the leads together without making Mal look bad for destroying a relationship. I’ve seen this sort of thing in several other kids movies. Jungle 2 Jungle and Parent trap (both versions) had the father’s love interest be a gold digger or horrible person so the audience wouldn’t sympathize with them getting thrown to the curb. Also, Audrey is still a princess. Wouldn’t there be some kind of international incident over this?

    You’re the first reviewers I’ve heard that didn’t bring up the date rape implications of a love potion or Ben’s idiotic response that Mal did it because she didn’t trust it would happen on it’s own. Poisoning or ensorcering royalty isn’t a minor crime and he just brushed it away because of true love?

    The ‘rap’ version of Be Our Guest is hilariously bad. Kenny Ortega must have be obligated to include it since one of the main characters is Belle and the Beast’s son. It still gets a face palm and chuckle out of me when that scene comes on. You can tell the character’s are lip-syncing and Mitchell Hope’s French accent is horrible.

    The animated show, Descendants: Wicked World, seems harmless so far. The episode are only 2-3 minutes long and only a few are direct sequels to each other. A few new characters are introduced: Jordan (The Genie’s daughter), Freddie (Dr. Facilier daughter), and Ally (Alice in Wonderland’s daughter). They also hint at Rapunzel’s daughter, but only her long hair has made it into the show so far. Another villain kid is apparently sneaking around the school. I’m going with Captain Hook’s daughter
    based on the outline and bits of costume they’ve shown. Highlights from the show include Evie making cupcakes using every element in the periodic table (which I’m guessing is both highly toxic and radioactive), all the female characters putting on a dance number during a talent show, Mal accidentally giving everyone the personalities of dogs, and Lonnie (Mulan’s daughter) dancing hip hop under a black-light complete with a neon outfit and makeup. Audrey is much nicer than in the movie. She’s still jealous of the attention Mal gets, but doesn’t show any hard feelings about losing Ben. Her idea of being mean is throwing a party and not inviting someone.

    • Also, I think the reason the villain kids are shown with single parents is because few Disney villians are every married. Think about it. Could you imagine Belle without the Beast or Aurora without Prince Phillip? Disney heroes tend to come in pairs since most of the fairy tales in with weddings. Maybe the writers were worried pairing up villains would be unpopular or tie their hands creatively? Apparently, in the book Maleficent keeps the identity of Mal’s father a secret along with her full name. Maybe it will be addressed in the sequel movie?

      • I remember Cruella having a pussy-whipped husband in the book and the Disney movie, but even he is a no-show and not even mentioned. Also…I’m trying to wrap my head around Dr. Facilier having a child after being dragged into the underworld by the voodoo spirits (or whatever they were supposed to be). In fact I don’t get how any of the villains killed in the classic movies or recent ones were able to come back from the dead and produce children. LOL

  14. If anyone was well aware that good an evil are way more complicated than “this guy’s born good, this guy’s born evil” it’d be the Beast. Him and Scrooge (either one, Disney did A Christmas Carol twice) are both characters that start off assholes but slowly become nicer as the movie goes on.

    Hell, in Kingdom Hearts II, the Beast was the only one who *resisted* the heartless. The heartless infect bad guys and ignore good guys, but the beast was only partly infected because he was, you know, kind of both hero and villian.

    Still, personally I kind of thought the dynamic between Maleficent’s daughter and the Fairy Godmother’s daughter, turns out their mothers are really not that different, if anything Maleficent was a slightly better mother since Mal’s rebellion as slightly less heartfelt.

  15. Only Maleficent and her daughter still have powers? That’s just boring…The Evil Queen and Maleficent should be much closer to equals as well as Jafar. Should of had all the kids with some of there parents power, and Cruella’s child have the power of money. Stick them all in high school and it will be like Sky High with Disney cartoons.

    • Evil queens only magic was her mirror
      Jafar lost his powers with his staff (and somehow turned back in to a human)

      Cruella designed cloths i guess? I asume noone wanted to buy her stuff anymore and she just ran out of money

  16. This movie seems like one of those films created by people who have NO IDEA what kids think is cool despite having once been kids themselves and just throw together random shit they think kids like without understanding why they like it…So it all ends up SUCKING…Seriously, how could they do that to “Be Our Guest?” >__<

  17. Hello there Beth and Tim of Shark Jumping
    On Twitter you guys asked for suggestion on what to review this month.
    If you read these comments, I have some suggestions; after the success of Hercules the Legendary Journeys and Xena Warrior Princess, various Canadian/American TV companies decided to cash in on this by making a whole bunch of fantasy series shot in Canada or South Africa, has plenty of OTT acting, early CGI and are usually 2-3 seasons long.
    These shows include ‘The New Adventures of Robin Hood’, ‘The Adventure of Sinbad’, ‘The Beastmaster’, ‘The Legand of William Tell’ and ‘Conan’.
    Even if you don’t end up using them, having seen some of them, they’re worth a watch being as entertaining and bizarre as all get out.
    Hope you give them a watch (I’m curious to here what’s you’d think of them) 🙂

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