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The thrilling conclusion as the Doctor, still in his human form, rallies the school with machine guns to fight an army of attacking scarecrows. Just another day at the office.

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  1. This two-parter is beautiful. Though I’d go on to suggest that the fallibility of humans is also demonstrated by Martha, in that it shows off her jealous nature in the first part at least. Nevermind that he has no memory of Martha being anything but a trusted servant, she somehow expects him to have fallen for her instead of Joan. And even talks like it’s his fault. I think even if Joan had been one of the rare non-prejudiced people in that time and place, Martha still would not have gotten along with her.

    Mind you, I do like Martha, but her thing with the Doctor and always being pissed that he’s fallen for someone other than her is definitely one of her character flaws. Totally human, but definitely a flaw.

    • I agree. I kind of like Martha, because she’s the closest we’ve had to a “classic” companion in the new series. Everyone else, outside of MIckey (maybe a disturbing pattern), seems to have some grand, timey wimey destiny:

      Rose – Bad Wolf
      Captain Jack – Fixed point in time
      Donna – Doctor Donna
      Amy – The Girl Who Waited, restored the universe, mother in-law.
      Rory – Guy who comes back from the dead
      Clara – The Impossible Girl

      Martha was just woman with a crush, who ultimately decided to move on. Yes, she went to work for UNIT, but she was never specified as having any special destiny.

  2. “Kind of hard to keep your dignity when a scarecrow gets the drop on you.”

    Tell that to Batman.

    Bane teaming up with Scarecrow? Well, he did appoint him a judge in Dark Knight Rises.

    “What if Clark Kent had no idea he was Superman?” There is that one Justice League Unlimited story, “For the Man Who Has Everything”.

    • There was also a story of the Earth-Two Superman. He got his memory wiped of being Superman and only knew he was Clark Kent. It led to Kent no longer being a facade and he became a crusading reporter. This won Lois’ love and led to their engagement. Once his memory was restored, she offered to let him go, but he decided he could be Superman and have a wife.

  3. Tennant was always great when he got into the really pissed off, no second chances Tenth Doctor mode. Here, he was legitimately giving the family a chance to live out their lives instead of them getting into a fight they were supremely outmatched for.

    I never really saw the connection between this episode and “I don’t want to go”, but your explanation does make for a valid explanation why he, of all the doctors was so unwilling to regenerate. I still prefer, “I’ll always remember when The Doctor was me”

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