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To hide from aliens, the Doctor becomes fully human and even believes he is an educator at an early twentieth century English boarding school. In other words, a real prick.

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  1. This was not a bad episode if I remember well.

    Oh, and hello Jojen Reed and Viserys Targaryen!

  2. Actually, I’m surprised that, after all she went through, Martha didn’t straight up JOIN the Master.

  3. Frankly, it wasn’t until Amy that we had a companion that didn’t make Adric preferable to them.

  4. While I won’t give any specifics away, I do like how it turns out the Doctor’s motivations are different than what they appear to be.

  5. Most of the Virgin books were garbage in my opinion (especially that shite Lungbarrow and everything that was inspired by it), but Human Nature was a goodie.

    • A problem with a lot of them is they treated The Doctor and his companions as extras and focused on the guest characters. They also went a little too heavy on the “Seventh Doctor is an asshole” theme.

      • And then there were the ones that turned the Doctor into a god figure. And no, not just some Jesus metaphor, but an actual god figure. It’s where I think they took the whole “champion of Time” thing too far.

        And in another case, there were things like Looms, and all the other things the writers added to the canon to make sure their hero didn’t deal with “icky” things, like all the writers were permanently stuck in the mindset of their pre-pubescent boy years. Which is probably where the obscure joke of how “Virgin novels” was an apt name came from. No no, Time Lords never touched icky girls! Everyone’s a cousin born out of a computer. Susan wasn’t *really* his granddaughter, because that meant he’d had to have touched an icky girl. She was just some Time Lady that they pretended was his granddaughter.

        It makes it really hard to read when you keep getting the impression that you’re being told a story by a strangely pretentious twelve year old boy.


  6. It’s been so long since I sat through the intro. I forgot how good it is!

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