Doctor Who: Timelords, gender and regeneration – RC

I give a rough explanation of my take on Timelords, gender and regeneration.

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  1. Doctor Who has always been about change, so I’m fine with the 13th Doctor.

    Heck nearly all regenerations had their controversy. (Short version of list)

    Patrick Troughton: He wasn’t William Hartnell, and people thought he was too clownish.

    Jon Pertwee: Because he was a comic actor. So fans feared he would be another clownish Doctor.

    Tom Baker: Too unknown, and (at that time) the youngest to play the Doctor.

    Peter Davison: Once again, the youngest to play the Doctor.

    David Tennant: Was only known for that part in Harry Potter, so fans feared he would be a psycho Doctor.

    Matt Smith: Once again, the youngest to play the Doctor.

  2. 1) It’s the 14th Doctor. He disavowed himself between the 8th and 9th incarnations. After the 11th incarnation he now accepts The War Doctor as living up to to the name of The Doctor. This means that the number 12 is skipped. Capaldi was 13. Whittaker is 14.

    2) The Doctor is not always fine with the results of his regeneration. 10 wanted to be ginger and 13 didn’t like the color of his kidneys.

    3) 13 seemed to have a self loathing toward his own incarnation as seen with the Architect and the Fisher King.

    4) I have no problem with 14 being female if done well. However the writing for the show has been insufferable for a while now which leads me to think this change will be handled in an absolutely atrocious manner.

    • You do realise we have a new head writer? And their job is to select the stories and have the final say on all scripts.

      • Selecting worthwhile stories is only possible if they can write some in the first place. I heard who the new head writer is, what episodes they have previously been involved with, and I despair.

        • He was also the head writer of Broadchurch, a critically acclaimed show, that also starred David Tennant.

          • He was also head writer for Torchwood and that was a fine show. However the Doctor Who episodes that he’s credited with had pacing issues, were anticlimactic, and under utilized The Doctor as a character.

    • Ah yes, the classic “I have no problem with that character being a woman, but…”

      • I had no problem with Capaldi as the previous Doctor. But I thought he was written as a buffoon and the the companions were far more quarrelsome with him than any other Doctor since the show had been revived.

        In either case it has little to do with who is cast in the role.

  3. Well said!

    PS – my creative insult. You are a… MAN! The worst of all insults.

  4. Ah. It took me a bit, but I figured out what RC stood for: Renegade C**t. As in, she added an N to Leon Thomas’s show.

    Seeing as Leon talks in glowing terms about Diamanda, I assume it is playful.

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