Dom Reviews: Homeworld 2

Introducing The Dom, who is adamant that being a strategy based game with an proud lineage doesn’t mean your plot can be gibberish.

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Reviewer of games, TV shows and movies. The Dom also likes to look at film adaptations of books and talk about what got lost transitioning from page to screen.


  1. Why has this gotten no responses yet?

    I was lucky enough to remember bugger all about Homeworld when I played Homeworld 2, so I didn’t pick up on any of the plot holes. Even so, the original Homeworld has an element of mystery and exploration to it, whereas this one comes across like… Just a lot of warfare. Missions where I have to mass up and take out a Vaygr outpost are simply dull busywork with very little story value. The missions against the aliens are interesting, but they run into a recurring problem with Homeworld 2: Timed missions and gimmicks.

    Homeworld 2 is not a fast game by any stretch, yet it LOOOVES putting you on a death clock. Maybe it’s enemy ships blowing up a gate, infinite enemy reinforcements or alien missile pods bombarding a planet, you always have to be in a hurry. With your slow, lumbering capital ships that you have to keep throwing against enemy fire because you don’t have time for tactics or strategy.

    Homeworld 2 has aged better than 1 just because it doesn’t look like origami, but I’m hoping for a proper sequel with an actual writer on board.

  2. So, books, movies, videogames and walls? I’m going to love you.

  3. loved all your videos so far. Good work man, keep it up.

  4. Homeworld cataclysm was amazing! One of the best games I’ve played. Story, gameplay and design were brilliant. If that didn’t give it away, I’m a bit of a fan.

    Anyways, I played Homeworld 2. It wasn’t that great. It looks good, but it’s not a very good game. I remember the first couple of levels were very hard for me, until I got the hang of it. Then I just came to a mission and blasted everything on sight and then I found myself at the last few levels, when I woke up after losing a ship for a very long time and I was like; what, I have to actually do something? And then the game was over. The missions are too simple to require playing that much and don’t really feel like connecting with the story the cutscenes tell. The ships feel too specialized and simple to build a fleet and for a tactic you like. In the game you just build everything to be able to kill everything and that’s it. Or just build a dreadnought.

    Well the comment ended up a review, but it brought back good memories of Cataclysm so I got a bit exited.

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