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One of the bloodiest first shooters gets the dumbest of first movies. Find out how even the Rock couldn’t save this dud of a flick.

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  1. That Disneyland reference was hilarious. You did “nail” it.

  2. Could of used a “Zuul, Motherfucker, Zuul!”.

  3. This guilty pleasure for me

  4. My uncle always loved Doom. I first heard of it from him but it’s totally not my thing. I’ve also never seen the movie. I actually did chuckle at “pun life” and “big force gun” (that sounds like something I’d say. LOL).

  5. shit, even DOCTOR WHO had the balls to actualy make HELL IN SPACE, with THE DEVIL and all!

  6. Wow, I didn’t think it was possible to come up with a worse interpretation of the source material than Doom III. Looks like I owe that game an apology. Nah, it’s still an awful take on Doom, but this is even worse.

  7. Problem is that its based on Doom 3, not the original

  8. 7:19 I’M IN SPACE!!!

  9. You know, for as much as I enjoyed this review, I have to mention the biggest stand-out here: Doug’s a fan of Big O. Who else is genuinely shocked by this?

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