Doorways to Danger – DVD-R Hell

Brad checks out this British equivalent of Pagan Invasion, which warns against the evils of Dungeons and Dragons, Ouija Boards, and scary movies!

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  1. TragicGuineaPig


  2. Yeah, even over here in Britain we have our own nutjobs too. I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys were followers of Mary Whitehouse.
    Being a Christian myself just makes me cringe at people like these who don’t take the time to sit down and realise that making a ‘helpful’ videotape is a bad idea.

  3. Nice to see 80s child abuse experts had their priorities straight: satanism and RPGs were obviously much bigger threats than rampant paedophilia in the church and entertainment industry.
    I was half expecting to see “friend of the children” Jimmy Saville pop up in this video, but there’s no way the makers could have afforded him.

  4. Cinnamon Scudworth

    Best thumbnail ever.

  5. the problem with people like this talking on video is that they just keep on talking without a hint of irony. If they had an audience to start laughing hysterically at the grown men and women who honestly believed that magic was real they probably would have either shut up or tried to play it off as a joke like the “Christian Side Hug” group.

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