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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    A better plot for this film? How about this: the two brothers live in a neighborhood wracked by gang violence. Because the brothers are the only two trying to do any kind of good there, they end up getting the attention of a mobster, who then kidnaps the girl (but instead of just making her a generic girlfriend, why not make her a doctor or nurse or something, with access to legal pharmaceuticals, so that the mobsters have reason to want her under their control too). Skip the magical medallion nonsense, and just have them defeat different gangs with super-awesome bosses, that they end up having to work together to defeat.

    Sure, it sounds like a generic Kung Fu movie plot, but frankly, that’s what Double Dragon should have been. The magical mystical medallion shouldn’t have been a part of this film at all.

    Also, for some reason, one of them is named Bimmy.

    • Chicken Puppet

      Precisely. When I saw the Super Mario Bros. movie, and then this one I got the impression they were already making these movies or one like them, and the chance to get some extra promotion and funding by attaching a popular game license came along, so the weird “future” gangs in L.A. project came along, it turned into Double Dragon.

    • Exactly, but I would change one detail. That nurse thing is bit stretched. I would make that the girl has connection to both heroes and the villain, and she gain knowledge of his crimes which she want revealed to the police so is kidnapped. Maybe more cliche but also more rational.

    • Throw in a pro-wrestling mayor, and you basically have the plot to Final Fight there.

  2. Morkez Marihser

    I think you might find something that tries way too hard to be a real movie to be good, something that no other video game tries. Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li

  3. TragicGuineaPig

    I heard they were going to make a movie of Red Dead Redemption. It’s going to take place in ancient Japan, where a robot police officer has to fight a horde of Egyptian alligator people.

  4. Chicken Puppet

    First off, the political messages are pretty generic and safe, we’re not in Children of Men or V for Vendetta territory here…

    You would think that a movie based on Double Dragon would be easy, but the problem is they had to make it a kids movie because in 1994 western audiences said: Video games are kids stuff!

    • I agree about political messages in this one. It’s nothing to get get angry about. People these days get far too easily angry over even smallest political messages that clash with they own political views no matter how harmless it happens to be.

  5. Chicken Puppet

    Had to add: When Robert Patrick morphs into different people and shadows…not a single Terminator 2 reference?

    Some jokes write themselves, come on!

  6. As for the upcoming Sonic movie.. yes it can be good, but they need good script writer who also is a fan of this franchise. Despite chaotic and disjointed universe and fact that half of it is shit, they have enough material to make it more coherent story (ironically in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity they are closest to that). What they need avoid is making it both too different and too close to the mainline universe. Personally I would place it somewhere between classic series and adventures (with flashbacks to times when Eggman work with Sonic), so they have already a history but also before GUN and futuristic technology become common.

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