Doug and Rob on More Ghostbuster Films

Ghostbusters is trying to be the Marvel Universe now?

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  1. I kind of wish they used the Extreme team from the 90’s cartoon.

    • Yea, I want that too. Same starting story too. One or two of the original team train up a new team. How difficult is that to make?

      • I actually really liked Extreme Ghostbusters and I rewatched the whole series recently, and found that, to me, it still held up pretty well! It also had one of the most prominent female voice actors of all time, Tara Strong. And I loved how they incorporated Garret as a disabled character because that was new and different and representing a demographic that is LARGELY overlooked in almost every movie and tv show. Originally he was supposed to be just some cliche jock character until someone suggested a wheelchair and went from there.

    • futuremoviewriter

      For reaction videos I want to see: The Wizard, Flubber, Home Alone 3, Christmas Story 2, Doug’s 1st Movie, Good Burger, Nicktoons, Nickcoms, SNICK, Christmas Tree, Last Airbender, Full House, King and I, Catwoman, Haunted Mansion, Small Soldiers, Swan Princess, Lost World, Ghost Dad, Face/Off, Master of Disguise, Eight Crazy Nights.

  2. recently wrote a piece theorizing why we don’t want another Ghostbusters movie. The basic gist of it is because it was all about Harold Ramis, dan aykroyd, and bill murray in the prime of their careers.

    It was all about them, it was ALWAYS about them. They are what make it “click”. Without them it would be just another oddball movie desperately trying to imitate what made the original great, and it would flop accordingly.

    It also implied the success of the first movie was basically a freak accident and a fluke. Considering that most people hated the second one, even though everybody had come back for it.

    • Then again, Cracked will most likely (if they haven’t already) post an article by the biggest hack on their site, JF Sargent, crying that people are sexist if they don’t love the new Ghostbusters.

    • You do know that it wasn’t always about those 4 actors right? Bill Murray would not have been in the movie had John Belushi not died, Aykroyd was specifically writing Venkman for Belushi….It was out of a tragedy or a freak accident that the original movie happened….

    • I admit, I didn’t even like the original Ghostbusters all that much….

  3. I’m a bit mixed on more Ghostbusters movies and with the passing of Harold Ramis, I was sure the franchise was dead in the water.

    Regardless, I’ll probably see any new incarnation of the franchise because I’m a fan. Whether the movies are actually good or not… Well, we’ll see.

    • I particularly don’t care about protagonist gender, only what I care is how they fit in whole idea. GB were always bunch of geeks who use fancy gadgets to do insane work, and if girls pull that then I be okay. I only afraid that we end with bunch of stereotypical girls who do insane job for no f*g reason! For my more mixed crew would have more sense, but I don’t say no until I don’t watch. For example in second movie they have new guy who don’t fit crew on the start, but it was new guy. It is possible to pull that, but not with whole crew.

  4. I honestly think they should do a Co-ed cast and please don’t have Melissa McCarthy in it, i just don’t find her funny. Also when they’re talking about a Ghostbusters Corp do they mean in the movies? So basically a Supernatural MIB?

    • I don’t have a problem with the whole cast being women, I have a problem with the fact that there was a choice to make them all women. Because all choices are made for a reason. The only reason I can think of here is that they want to tell women-jokes, you know the kind most chick flicks consist of. Things like appearance, sex-life, and food. Which can be fine, but this is ghostbusters. I don’t want to hear about that shit in THIS movie. I want the comedic focus to be about all the crazy supernatural stuff.

      • As an example of what I’m trying to say, let’s pretend someone is putting together a police force. They do the screening and it happens to be all women. Fine, I’m sure they’ll do well. But then let’s say someone puts together a police force with the intent of them all being women. You instantly think they don’t have the right focus here and that something is obviously wrong.

        • Melissa McCarthy is the main thing I had an issue with when I saw the news of an all female cast.

          All females doesn’t doesn’t me at all…but McCarthy seems to be a walking fat joke these days, and it seems any roile she gets is “the token fat chick”. That role is not entertaining, nor is it funny, be it as part of an ensemble or on its own.

          If they must cast her, they need to avoid at all costs the “I’m fat! Isn’t that funny! I’m goofy…because I’m fat, isn’t that funny!? I’m eat because I’m fat! Funny?” and all the various fat female comedy tropes.

          …mind you at the end of the day…I really would rather just leave the existing 2 films as is, and NOT revive the franchise (And I’m always surprised recently when people say GB2 is bad, I always thought it was great)

        • wxcept the director already mad ea movie like that with female actresses…it comes down.

      • you do realize you can make that with male actors, right? to have women does not change that, specially at the hands of someone who specialize in making female lead comedies that do not rely on that.

      • The problem is that the choice to make them all women is too “oh look, we’re all for social-activism and gender equality!” oriented. It’s like they want to make them all women to prove how “progressive” Hollywood has become.

        Doing that, in my opinion, is pure condescension towards women – which is probably the worst form of sexism. If they want to make a movie with women why don’t they create something original and new for them? People will always refer to the movie as the “Ghostbusters with women”….

        So, yeah, I’m completely against the all women cast! (that’s, obviously, in case I really had any fucks to give about it either way, which I don’t.)

  5. Enough with the remakes and reboots of shit that’s 30 years old. Be original.

  6. I honestly don’t understand why so many people got their panties in a bunch about this new Ghostbusters film being all female.

    Get over your bad selves already.

    However, if the frustration is simply over Melissa McCarthy, and a fear that the thing will rely on fat jokes, then I understand.

    I don’t think it will do that, though.

    • I think it’s more to do with the fact that the director is a pompous windbag who only hires female actors as his leads because he thinks he’s on a moral pedestal above the rest of society. Coupled with the fact that Ghostbusters had such a ubiquitous cast and this guy is clearly just using it as an excuse to push his warped moral superiority onto us while not having any respect for the original films and it’s understandable why people are annoyed. If he wants to make his own franchises to force his socio-political agenda onto people then that’s fine, but when using it in a reboot of a beloved franchise it’s obviously going to enrage some people. It’s therefore also no wonder that there’s support for another reboot that will hopefully actually try to be faithful to the original series.

      • Or maybe he just thinks this combination of performers will have good chemistry and make a funny movie like “Bridesmaids” and “The Heat”. Geez,not everything’s a friggin’ conspiracy!Grow up and buy a pair.

      • Dude, you seem to have some kind of chip on your shoulder.

        Look. I’ve been there. I understand.

        But, seriously. Calm down. Have some dip.

        This movie could potentially be good. The only other Paul Feig movie with which I am familiar is Bridesmaids, which I think is funny. There is a possibility that this new all female Ghostbusters will be smart and funny and just fine.

        I look forward to it, and I don’t get why there’s a competing all-male Ghostbusters reboot being made at the same time.It’s stupid to me.

        Even if the new female one sucks, that won’t change the fact that the original still exists, and is great. It’s not like it will go away, and cease to exist. It’s still there, man!

    • Well, the thing is, History has demonstrated time and time again that most franchises/series usually don’t resort to doing an all-female version of anything. Unless such a series has descended into complete and utter, shameless, DESPERATION.

      That what pisses off Ghostbusters fans. By throwing the “All-female” card out there, that is basically implying that your favorite franchise has become s**t, and is in desperate need of such a shameless gimmick to draw in viewers again.

      Note the keyword: Desperate.

      • Right, because no one would resort to using the other 50% of the population except for a gimmick.

        When Ghostbusters had three guys, no one called it an “all-male cast”.

        • Ok let me rephrase that:

          History has demonstrated time and time again that most franchises usually don’t resort to doing a complete “gender swap” of the cast, unless that series has descended into complete and utter desperation.

          It doesn’t matter if it started out all-male, or all-female. If they suddenly make a show/movie where the cast is completely replaced with the opposite gender? Then it must be because the general thought is that the show/movies sucked as they were, and just cannot draw in viewers without the change-up gimmick.

          And by doing the all-female thing with Ghostbusters in particular, that basically sends the message to the fanbase, that there series is crap. That no one will bother seeing the movies unless there are tits on their ghostbusters. Because sex sells, ammiright?

          Its a pretty bitter pill to swallow for fans of a franchise who hold their series in high esteem. I’m sorry if you can’t understand.

          Another example is Sex in the city. A popular, primarily all-female based show. Lets say they made a new series but, it was all dudes instead. That would send the message to fans that nobody cared about the girly stuff in the original, and that the show needed to be “manned up” instead.

          You think the fanbase wouldn’t be pissed and feel a little betrayed? They hear news of their favorite Tv show getting a reboot and….they get that? Hell yeah they would.

        • Yeah there’s a difference between doing that in an original film where’s there’s no legacy or preconception there. Let me put it to you this way does an all-male Clueless remake sound like a good idea on its face?

          • Another problem with the whole gender-swapped cast, is it gives a strong impression there is gender-politics garbage involved.

            Like the feminist agenda has hijacked the Ghostbusters series.

            No one wants to see their favorite franchise get USED like that. So many ways Gender-swapped cast is simply WRONG.

          • let me put it this way: how many movies like Ghostbusters there are with an all female cast? if your answer is “less than males one”, congratulations, you discovered false equivalency.

        • Grave is right. Kumi I think you are seeing gimmick meaning less than.
          I don’t think that is what he means. He means, and I think he phrased it perfectly, Gimmick = Attention getting. Grab more eyes to the screen. TV does it all the time with babies and marriages. And he is saying Ghostbusters does not need it, it can stand on its own.

          If they did “League of their own 2” with an all male handicap cast. They would be using the handicapped men as a gimmick, which does not make the men less than the women.
          As someone else stated why not make a new movie with an all female cast about the paranormal, because Paul Feig doesn’t think that will be enough of a draw so he is using the Ghostbusters name. He is using the name for his own agenda instead of valuing and truly supporting the franchise.

          What would make sense is making a new movie with women called Ghost Enforcers (Female) then GhostBusters (Male) then Sony brings them together in a 3rd movie, like Marvel, in the paranormal universe.

    • Probably because its was first bit of information people got about the movie. I mean its a remake(yes the director can call it a re-imagining all they want but its the same thing as remake) of a classic which in and of itself just leaves a bad taste in people’s mouth and then first thing you hear about is was we’re going to make a highly visible but frankly superficial change in casting and what’s worse they didn’t already actually have a cast in mind pretty much ensuring it was not an organic change but a shameless gimmick.

      And the director’s retort to the backlash of “No one considers an all male cast a gimmick” only further infuriated the people who were pissed because it outright insulted their intelligence as if people wouldn’t be equally pissed off if someone decided remake Clueless with an all male cast. There’s a big difference between making an all female or all-male cast in an original movie vs gender swapping the characters in a remake. With an original movie no one has any preconceptions there’s no legacy to tarnish the fact that a cast is all-male or all-female won’t even necessary register in people’s mind at all depending on the presentation and promotion of the film that it even is All-female or all-male. With a remake there’s a legacy that people don’t tarnished so there’s a strong resistance to change and if the changes don’t seem to have purpose or a payoff they don’t like them. To get my point across how many people thought that changing officer Lewis in the recent Robocop from a woman to a black man was a good move… yeah no one. It would be one thing if the film makers had these parts in mind for actresses they knew had chemistry and could play the parts they had in mind perfectly but we already know that’s not case here. So the fact that it all-female cast seems like a hollow change made for changes sake and people again people really don’t like that sort of thing in a remake.

    • A fear McCarthy will play the same character type…She has played the exact same fucking part since bridesmaids….That is the biggest problem with McCarthy, Bridesmaids, the heat, Tammy they are all basically the same fucking character…Even her cameo in Hangover III was the exact same character, its like she has ZERO range even though she actually plays a somewhat normal character on Mike & Molly…

  7. So, basically, it’s only a franchise because of the MRA-ish Marjan Siklic incel type crowd? Because that’s totally a group Hollywood should get their marketing ideas from.

  8. Iron Man 1 was heavily improvised and on the level of Ghostbusters. (2 also i think but not 100% sure)

    The 2nd new Ghostbusters is insurance,basically if the movie doesn’t make as much as they want,they’ll blame it on an all-girl cast with another in the pipeline ready to go,and play it off as expanded universe.

    i hope gender politics aren’t getting in the way of paying attention to things like how it’s important part of the franchise that somebody react to being a ghostbuster like a sarcastic asshole

  9. is not sexist ..its gimmicky

    • is not sexist ..its gimmicky

      like ..why even make this a thing in the first place .. why is this even one of the selling points of the freaking films?

      that’s my problem with it ..

      well that… and the fact that they are making a 3th film ..i was happy with just 2

      but the thing is what do I even care if the cast is all female or all male?! I should be only interested in watching this film based on the story and what they are trying to do with it .. not just in the fact that the cast is all female or that its another Ghost buster film .. that just freaking superficial

      this whole thing feels pretentious and that is only been made cause its an easy and safe cash in ..

  10. I don’t get what the big deal is. There was all ready an all female cast of Ghostbusters starring Gianna Michaels and Rachel Roxx. 😛

  11. Hey everyone, look at this completely asinine thing Chris Bores (The Irate Gamer) posted on Twitter about the new Ghostbusters movie. And keep in mind what this asshole said about JewWario last year on Facebook.

    • GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!! Seriously, for someone you hate you STALK him quite a bit….Most people hate something or someone and they ignore it, clearly you want to suck his dick or something…You must be like the dad in American Beauty just hiding in the closet hating life because you secretly want Chris Bores in your mouth, since EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ARTICLE you comment on, has something to do with Chris Bores…

  12. LonelyVoorheesGeek

    At this point, just throw at us a transgender Ghostbusters with RuPaul, Dustin Hoffman, Jared Leto, and Bruce Jenner!

    Have at it, trolls!

  13. I’m more worried that they’re just going to have it as a cheap gimmick more than anything else. Like they’ll do something like “this Ghostbuster’s car crashes a lot because it’s a team of women” or something stupid like that. Maybe I’m just worrying for nothing and they’ll be able to work off of eachother well, but they need to make this movie as good as possible otherwise people are going to rail on this movie like crazy just for the odd decision.

    Also, IDK who’s going to be in the Ghostbusters film with all female Ghostbusters, but if she’s not, at some point Kristen Schaal NEEDS to be busting ghosts in one of these movies. Kristen Schaal or Nicholas Cage would be amazing Ghostbusters just because of their delivery. Hopefully in the same group of Ghostbusters, lol.

  14. I thought that Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 were equally fantastic. Maybe I’m one of the weird ones.

  15. No joke, I consider “Extreme Ghostbusters” the most under rated cartoon of the 90’s.

  16. FilmBrainsGoldfish

    A Ghostbusters “division” at Sony?
    This is beyond ridiculous.

  17. I think the drive for the new movies, is all the cosplayers out there. they are a staple of every con i attend. I agree wee didn’t really need more movies, I think another cartoon would have been a better option, I am worried that they will be so studio micromanaged and both suck. but we will see.

  18. Technically I believe Ghostbusters The video game is officially considered the third movie by the majority of everyone involved, Ramis, Aykroyd and Murray have all said that to them it was the third movie..

  19. My main concern overall is really the execution for the movies. Both can be done well, both can bomb. It all really depends on the people that are behind the scenes for making the movie work, for the director and all.

    For me, I got a little concerned on the people that are chosen for the roles for the female cast, mainly since most are either “meh” or not well known. Hopefully, if Sony can actually learn (HUGE “if”) from their mistakes with the “Amazing Spider Man” movies of pulling a “mico-managing” move, then there’s a chance the movie can work.

    I definitely gotta agree with Rob for trying to look into the world of Ghostbuster since almost all of the main series was taking place in New York. We’ll have to wait and see where it all goes from here on out, hopefully fun, instead of being a train wreck.

  20. I don’t think that it’s bad that they cast an all female team, not at all. I like that they specifically went with women who are comedians who are well liked and have done funny movies. However, my only complaint is this: why can’t it NOT BE A REBOOT? It’s going to have a completely new batch of comedians leading in it with (hopefully) a different story and at least different first names. Why can’t they make it a spinoff where they pass the torch or some thing. I’m sick of seeing reboots.

  21. I don’t care if it’s sexist or not – all though I think it is -, all feamle cast, is still a bad idea. One, simple question; why? To to appeal to people who normally watch chick flicks, like “Bridesmaids”. Yes, just wait and see; “Gohstbusters meets Mamma mia” 😉 Sorry, but appealing to female demographics, will unavoidably alienate original fanbase, you know people who made “Gohstbusters” into a hit, in the firts place. Why would I like to see chick flicks dressed up as “Gohstbusters” movie? Sony, is terrible when it comes to movies – first “Spider-man” and now this. 🙁

  22. My only worry with an all female cast would be them making it too sorta gimmicky – like, “Ho ho, look how funny they are because they’re *female*. Look! One of them broke a nail! (chuckle) Women.”
    I prefer mixed groups anyway.

  23. If they want to make different kinds of Ghostbusters movies, that’s fine. However in my opinion, I wish they should have left the franchise alone after Harold Ramis passed away.

  24. The reason that Ghostbusters worked is because of SNL , Second City and Stripes. We seen all the actors worked together.

  25. I have NEVER seen anything Ghostbusters related. Heck, I didn’t even get to eat the Krispy Kreme Ghostbuster donuts. That being said: I don’t like some of the actresses that they picked. I’m afraid that it will be like Bridesmaids with Ghosts. I was one of the few who HATED Bridesmaids. I hate that movie so much. It wasn’t funny to me. I thought it was one of the worst movies of that year.

  26. Yeah, extreme ghostbusters was really to me. I actually enjoyed both movies also, jus enertaining as they are. Feel kinda skeptical about this new movie universe….

  27. 4 female ghostbusters. the nerdy one explains to the bill murray one

    we must never, ever, cross beams

    yeah. that would be kind of gay

    but we are women

    exactly my point. the crossed beams look like scissors

    oh. i thought you meant like crossing

    -cut to some city mayor or something complaining to his employee

    DICKS. these “ghostbusters” are a bunch of dicks

    they are women sir

    so what? you are a tool and i still call you an asshole

    so yeah, thats my lazy addition to the movie. money please

  28. Ghostbusters: all female leads, co-ed leads . . . whatever. I’ll probably see it either way.
    Now on to something I’ve been dying to bring up.

    Doug. Listen to me very carefully.

    The Nostalgia Critic reviews . . . . . . The Critic !

    Seriously, why hasn’t this happened yet? Get on this, PLEASE!!!

  29. The 2009 video game is Ghostbusters 3.
    The Telltale game is Back to the Future 4.

  30. Guys would you sometimes please stop quoting movies! especially the memorable or famous ones, movie quotes that is.

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