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The Cinema Snob returns from a 2 week hiatus to talk about the 1978 made for TV version of Doctor Strange!

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  1. Cinema Snob, I’ve come to bargan …on one of those awesome Lloyd t-shirts.

    Well, we’ve already seen Nash, Linkara, Bastard Film Brain, and JewWario (R.I.P.) review this stinker of a made-for TV superhero movie. Why not let everybody’s favorite Cinema Snob take a jab on the Sorcerer Supremely lackluster depiction of Doctor Strange?

    1:23- The opening text to Highlander, this is not. Speaking of Highlander, Happy 30th Anniversary.

    5:00 LOL! I was also thinking of the chase music from The Terminator.
    There’s actually a character in the comics named Clea, but thankfully doesn’t have the last name “Lake,” or any last name in that matter.

    8:37- So, this movie is using the Eye of Agamotto from the new Doctor Strange movie?

    10:43- Actually, Lindmer was using the Force mind trick on the nurse, because Star Wars: A New Hope was released a year before this movie.

    14:49- Holy shit, what happened to your lenses!?

    21:18- Still far better than our 45th President.

    At least this movie doesn’t end with Thor, played by Ator from Troll 3, asking Dr. Strange for some help.

  2. What, no bargains? FAIL!

  3. Damn, even in here, the Ancient One is played by a white actor. At least, Wong remains Asian, even if he looks like Oddjob.

  4. Snorgatch Pandalume

    I actually kind of like this movie. It’s goofy and cheesy and was clearly made for next to nothing, but Jessica Walter is legitimately creepy (just as she was in Play Misty For Me), the special effects are fine for the time it was made, the music and atmosphere are good, and I like how it feels grounded in the real world. It’s definitely superior to other Marvel TV projects of the time, like Spider-Man and Captain America. Granted that’s setting the bar pretty low.

  5. Porn! Oh wait, no naked people? Worse porn ever. But you know, if the Ancient One was a lady here, even she wouldn’t be safe from Strange’s animal magnetism.

  6. You should try reviewing Doctor Mordrid (1992) sometime. It was originally supposed to be a Doctor Strange movie but that fell through, so he’s kind of a vaguely-similar knock-off, played by Jeffrey Combs.

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