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It’s a crazy day as Kamelion is on the fritz, Peri enters the Tardis, Turlough makes contact with his people, and the Master has a little problem with shrinkage. Plus, a look at the background and character of the Doctor’s android companion.

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  1. For Peri’s accent there actually can be an in-universe explanation – She’s likely from her background moved around a lot and her accent could be quite mixed from that alone.

    Yes Nicola Bryant obviously did have trouble but it’s not like she was trying for a specific accent in the first place and she did become one of the best companions of all time!

    1) Jamie McCrimmon
    2) Sarah Jane Smith
    3) Perpigilliam Brown
    4) Zoe Heriot
    5) Romanadvoratrelundar 2 {Lalla Ward}

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