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Dracula’s been adapted hundreds of ways for film and TV, and Lucy–his first vampire convert on English soil–goes through some interesting iterations.

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  1. Ah yes, Lucy. Character that most of us that haven’t read Dracula tend to forget so analysis of way she has been handled in all versions was unexpected but not at all unwelcome.

  2. This characters personality juggling depending on director worldview is hilarious. Though answer which one is good is not that simple. In Victorian age woman were commonly raised as property so people expect from them to be “innocent”, not have own opinions and needs. As such more modern approach with strong independent woman who wouldn’t be easily manipulated by sex appeal due to some experience was good. But then after feminist and sexual revolution such females become rare. Yes, fact that many early directors were usually old man and horror wasn’t “riske” genre anymore also play some role here, so we may joke about them presenting feminism as sin. But in modern horrors (generally after Coppola’s Drakula) we still have as enemy a sloty ones, but not a feminist specifically. And in fact it also do have a sense in context of the story, because most of such woman (and I mean specifically the thinking only about sex and parties) also represent that mindless objectifying themselves people, so it in fact sort if indirectly is loyal to the book. As it isn’t as much about sex itself but a intelligence and independence (both from society and sex itself) what counter evil spell of Drakula.

  3. I am glad you did a video of Lucy, I think was a long time coming. She is one of the most interesting “vampire victim” characters to write about.

    I do love how when reading scenes with Lucy, she never cared for Mina’s class when being her friend even as a child, and given the period where it came out and the social class structure of Victorian England being the norm, Lucy stuck out as a interesting character back then because “GASP SHE IS BFF WITH A LOWER CLASS SCHOOLMISTRESS!” but it does unintentionally paint her as the kind friend and has you love her immediately, and being sad when you die.

    I can imagine how many times Lucy must have had Mina’s back when she would invite her to her big socialite parties and how many of those rich bitches probably made fun of Mina and Lucy would swoop in and defend her friend. 🙂

  4. I’m still waiting for the version of Lucy that wears a police uniform and carries a giant honking anti-tank artillery cannon. Because as we all know…

  5. Pretty good historical breakdown of the role of this character throughout various eras and cultures in film.

    One thing I would caution, is that sometimes what can be perceived as a poor attitude towards women, is better explained by bad writing, a heavily and poorly edited film, or studio meddling that wasn’t concerned with the accurate portrayal of her character or any character that matter.

    Oftentimes in adaptations, certain characters suffer or are shoe-horned in improperly, and that can afflict anyone in fiction. For a recent non-vampire example, think of Deadpool in his original film appearance as a silent, para-military, Frankenstein monster…no agenda except an agenda against good writing and comic book readers.

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