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Join Hawke in her grand epic adventure to get stinking rich and stab people. There’s more to the plot, but Hawke’s just in it for the gold and stabbing.

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  1. KOTOR II – The sad part about this game is that you can tell there was a lot of potential to it. The influence system, the morality system, the crafting system, the characters and story… there was a lot to this game.

    I loved the way it started out: very creepy. And there was just this sense of dread throughout all of it, like there was something far more sinister behind everything besides just a couple of Sith wanting to take over the universe.

    But, as you said, the game was notoriously incomplete. You get to the final location of the game, and it’s like the story hits a brick wall. And it’s that one little fact that has kept me from playing it again. What I liked about it, I really loved, but that ending (or lack thereof) just ruined the whole thing.

    • I still love KotOR 2 though and the core idea behind it. Yes, it is unfinished but I personally enjoyed it more then first one. Outside few good twists in the middle it was basically Force Awaken the game, but the KotOR 2 was interesting from beginning to the end (plus there is reconstruction mod what mined and restored tons of stuff in it).

  2. While generally i am more of JRPG fan than WRPG fan I have soft spot for Bioware’s RPGSs. That said it’s more difficult these days to keep since you know Bioware is owned by most scumbag game company today that’s EA. How ever DA2 is easily weakest of all games in it’s game series and after hearing about it’s development it’s easy to see why that’s the case.

    • I really didn’t get what made it so much weaker than other entries. I probably got bored and gave up about the same point in II as I did in Origins.

      I think the problem is I came from games like Neverwinter Nights and Baldur’s gate…and DA has always felt like a dumbed down version of previous entries. Maybe they needed the D&D license…but the sense of PnP roleplay was replaced with more emphasis on linear storytelling.

      • As fan of JRPGs to me linear storytelling is not problem and I actually prefer it over open world sand boxes that are so popular these days. After all well done game that has linear storytelling like Persona 5 shows how it’s done right but then again that’s element that’s strong point of JRPGs while WRPGs tend to focus on choice over storytelling. IMO DA2 is weakest of three because it’s so unfinished and badly executed compared to Origins that’s best game in series.

        • There is no such thing as wRPG, what is term pulled from ass by some console turds. This genre is called a cRPG what is electronic version of social game known as ‘Role Playing’, where grup of players pretend to be some characters either in real life (LARP) or in the imagination (Tabletop RPG also called Pean & Paper). Its sub-genres are called either Dungeon Crawl focused on exploration (like TES series) or Hack & Slash focused on combat (Diablo series is extreme form of it).

          Most famous RPG supporting tactic system and setting is AD&D what is both, what lead to tons of misconceptions about the genre. Even if I can accept use of abbreviation ‘RPG’ regard the electronic simulation of that game as Role Playing Video Game, simple fact is that jRPG never were a RPG’s. It was sarcastic descriptions of Tactic-Adventure games what morons though they are RPG’s just because oldest Japanese games rip off some Wizardy elements (what was a simplistic Dungeon Crawl on the first place). And to make clear I love jRPG’s! Just pretending that they are something what they never were is stupid and childish.

          cRPG’s have only one unique genre what is a ActionRPG, but even here we may debate that it is adaptation of the LARP. Ironically those also usually tend to focus more on real roleplay instead tactic combat, as some games offer significant impact of the character choices on the game what is what RPG is on the first place. And to be clear.. yes. Interactive Visual Novels are form of RPG, before someone say that I hate Japanese and consoles. They are straight up adaptation of so called paragraph RPG books.

      • Seriously? The AD&D licence was the problem on the first place, as this setting is by default dumbed down in order for anymore with average fantasy experience could get it easily. As I love Baldur’s Gate 2 simple truth is that first game was average and NWN is downright bad (until you aren’t interested in multiplayer only). For all complain we can make about this game the setting isn’t one of them. It isn’t Witcher but it isn’t also just another generic cRPG, specifically because they didn’t use AD&D licence (what by the way was diminished largely from time of Planescape).

  3. I really enjoyed the 1st Dragon Age. I played through nearly every origin and had plenty of fun with the characters and story.

    When the 2nd came out, I played the brief demo/beta and immediately noticed both how different and how unpolished it was. The changes to the combat and the lack of choice in character creation just turned me off and I never bothered picking it up.

    Eventually, when Inquisition was released, I waited until it was on sale for something like 5-10 bucks before buying it. I played for maybe a hour and was thoroughly bored throughout. I haven’t bothered with it since.

  4. I was expecting a Kate Mulgrew/Janeway joke, and I was not let down!

  5. I actually like Hudson Hawk.

    That dragon has all its legs! Yay!

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