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Hawke journeys into the deep roads and faces the threat of darkspawn and unimaginable horrors, while Chuck deals with the even greater challenge of trying to complete the game on the Xbox 360.

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  1. Cue the music: “I AM A DWARF AND I’M DIGGING A HOOOLE!

  2. Universal bisexuality is a problem I have with Skyrim as well. It seems ridiculous to me that everyone in Skyrim is either completely uninterested in romance, or will have a relationship with anyone who comes on to them. It’s ridiculous.

    Here’s an idea: if gender and sexual orientation are going to be elements of character, then make them make sense. Maybe have a few NPCs that could go either way, but have the majority attracted to either male or female characters, but not both. That at least would make sense.

    • That was their approach in that game to be universally compatible with whatever your interest, but considering how 1 and 3 (and the Mass Effect games) handled gay and straight romances, that was probably down to the limited time to work on the game.

      All the other games in both franchises do exactly that, some characters are straight, some are gay, some go both ways, but its not the “everyone is into everyone” of DA2.

    • That is a general issue with so called “harem” genre. I don’t have issue with the fact that some characters could have romance options if that make a sense from story perspective, but it is downright something from Japanese hentai games when we can romance with anyone. And not only bisexual relationships are problem, where are people who do have partners or are simply uninterested? Or how interesting would be a subplot when we help in romance between two party members? But no.. one good side is that it is a easy way to determine cheapness of the deliverers. And both mentioned examples are infamous from that.

  3. I think the romance problem are strictly half arsed design because of the short development. Thus the whole thing is stupidly set up.

    But what i hate even more is what they made to Anders as a character. In the first game he is a positive, witty and amazingly likable character that even though his life sucks ass he still keep himself pleasant. And here he is a moody, brooding, emo with no sense of decency cause he has a troubled life. So edgy. I mean come on. He had a great arc during the Amaranthine expansion with him finally finding a place he feels he belongs after a whole life of wanting to run away. But no lets through this out the window for this misguided semi antagonist character. Which btw also fuck up Justice who spend his new existence understanding and accepting human existence. Yet here is just basically Revenge.

    Bioware’s obsession with moody characters as good story telling is infuriating. They did the same thing with Leliana in the 3rd game that made her from the most beautiful, interesting positive character to that depressing, guilt burdened Inquisition assassin. Writing after EA went completely down the drain.

    • I was *so* excited when I started part 2. Because from the DLC quests, both Anders and Justice were fantastic characters, and now we got them both in one! But yeah, they mangled them both.

      It would have been okay if that was his *arc* over the course of the 10 years of the game to get darker, but for him to just be so different as soon as we met him kind of sucked.

      • I’m not sure that being a emo count as dark, especially if those characters are treated seriously. Wicher do have many loughs and positive characters despite fact that it is straight up Dark Fantasy (after all laughter is a defense mechanizm) and even if Dragon Age is more darker then usual run over the mill High Fantasy, it is not because of the whiny characters.

    • If someone is still unaware of that fact there is no Bioware anymore. EA did them what they did to dozen other acclaimed IP they bought until today. They fired whole team, and it is now just a shell company for classic evil overlord EA stuff who destroy all they franchises, one by one. That is why I didn’t buy Andromeda and it seams it was good choice.

  4. It’s always nice to hear Gideon Emery voicing character. In this case Fenris but I remember him best as voice of Balthier from Final Fantasy XII who is best character in that game.

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