Dragon Ball at the Movies – A Dragonball Discussion

Dragon Ball has been referenced by countless shows and movies, but what about the shows and movies that DRAGON BALL referenced to? There were some and today we are going to go over some of the most significant nods to other productions!

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  1. i know this might seem obvious but that classic version of Frankensteins monster was not from Mary Shelley. it originated in the 1931 film and anyone doing that version of the monster is referencing that version specifically, the description in the book was not like that.

  2. the healing machines used by Frieza’s origination also look a lot like the thing Luke was healed by in Empire Strikes Back.

  3. Huh, the Trunks Terminator connection never occurred to me before you mentioned it, yet it seems so obvious now. Btw, Gamera isn’t part of the Godzilla franchise. Godzilla films are made by Toho, and Gamera is made by Daiei. They’ve never actually appeared on screen together, which is somewhat surprising seeing how many people want to see them fight, myself included.

  4. I always thought the terminator reference was pretty obvious. There is even a scene which was taken straight from terminator, where Trunks walks down the underground hallway of the resistance and he just slowly walks through the corridor with wounded people left and right with no dialogue. The same scene was in terminator when Kyle Reese remembers the future and you see him enter the hideout of the resistance.
    I think with Cyborg 16 Toriyama repeated his Schwarzenegger reference, but this time he took the nice terminator from terminator 2.

    He also referenced a lot Jackie Chan movies. Master Roshi used Jackie Chun as his codename in the world tournament and Tien Shinhans master and Mercenarie Tao look a lot like the bad guys from a very classic Jackie Chan movie.

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