Dragon Ball Capsules – A Dragonball Discussion

Dragon Ball and capsules go hand in hand! All the way up to Super even! However, just WHAT are they exactly? What can they store and how much do they cost? Despite their simplicity, there’s a lot to talk about concerning these miraculous devices! Let’s discuss them!

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  1. It helped that Bulma indirectly eliminated the competition while searching for dragon balls.


  3. iamnotincompliance

    $4,500 and I never have to worry about parking again? That would pay for itself in no time in any large city.

  4. Really? Toriyama, really?

    You have 8 year old boys turning in to 10 storey high Gorillas and shooting plasma beams from their hands but toon-pocket-space for baggage is where you draw the line and HAD to invent Capsule Technology to explain that?

  5. I like to go on extended canoe trips into the wilderness, so having capsules on hand would be a godsend. Although, part of the fun is the challenge. I’d at least use one for the food barrel which is always a major pain to lug around, and maybe another one so I can bring more beer, heh heh.

  6. What about that time Bulma invented a watch that allowed her to shrink down to doll size? Do you think it was the same technology that allowed things to be put into capsules, but without going into one?

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