Dragon Ball Fusions: Part 2 – MasakoX

Dragon Ball Fusions for the Nintendo 3DS is the new adventure for Paata of the Paata Patrol to explore and conquer! Now with teammates, Paata has to get to grips with the world around him and find his first Dragon Ball!

Animated Intro produced by Pyroclasm Animations

Intro Music produced by Infinity Tone

About MasakoX

I'm MasakoX, part of TeamfourStar's Dragonball Z Abridged team. When I'm not fighting bad guys or eating muffins, I produce content for Channel Awesome! This ranges from my long-lasting anime reviews to reading bad fan fiction to even messing around with Google Translate for kicks. Either way, it is my pleasure to present my oddments to you in glorious awesomeness!

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  1. Neo Ultra Mike

    I think you meant to input part 3 as you already inputed part 2 like a few days ago so no point in uploading that one again as I think you wanted this one to be put out.


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