Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 & 110: The Fallout – A Dragonball Discussion

So yeah! That was a very intense fight and special. However, there are some unanswered questions to be mulled over concerning Goku and Jiren plus that whole Ultra Instinct thing; and what about the MISSING SCENE?!

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  1. I don’t think that it means a lot. It just confirms what we have been thinking all along.

    The Omni King is weak, he is a one-trick pony.it’s just that that one trick is an op “erase” ability. If you manage to take him off guard you could probably one-shot him.

  2. “Ultra Instinct” seems to me like Whis’ technique, or should I say the way that Angels fight. Remember when Goku and Vegeta were training with him he was talking about how he has to instinctively know how to move his arms and legs without thinking about it. Maybe the form made all the gods nervous because they recognized the moves from their attendant Angels that none of them had ever managed to master themselves.

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