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Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Review: Extreme Battle of Another Dimension! Hit vs Jiren – The OTHER big one! Hit and Jiren fight as the action continues. Can Hit’s Time Skip ability beat Jiren’s power?!


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  1. Ah so Jiren has a weakness after all, hubris.

  2. I’m surprised that the Universe 6 Namekians are on par with Piccolo in terms of power, since y’know, Piccolo is technically 3 people combined. I expected them to be as strong as Nail back on planet Namek, a fully trained warrior namekian with a power of 87,000. Impressive of course, capable of taking out anyone on the Ginyu force except for Ginyu himself, but nowhere near what Piccolo obtained when he absorbed Nail (allowing him to match Freiza’s first transformation with a power of a million) or later on when he fused with Kame, officially making him more powerful than a base Super Sayan…Though I suppose the circumstances of Universe 6 Namek might be different from 7’s. For example if they didn’t deal with the cataclysmic event that killed off most of the population (7’s Namek boasted a population of what, 108?) there could be more warriors to spar with each other, if Nail got to 87,000 all by himself he might have become MUCH more powerful with a similarly powered rival to spar against. Or maybe the Namekians in the tournament ARE fusions like Piccolo, perhaps it isn’t so much of a taboo where they come from, or they considered preserving the existence or the entire universe to be worthy circumstances for such drastic action.

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