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Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 Review: Stormy Fierce Attack! Gohan Fights With His Back to the Wall!! – Today, we continue the tussle between Goku, Vegeta and Jiren as well as look at Dyspo vs Frieza! However, Golden Frieza needs help. Can Gohan save his bacon and show his bang’s true power?


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I'm MasakoX, part of TeamfourStar's Dragonball Z Abridged team. When I'm not fighting bad guys or eating muffins, I produce content for Channel Awesome! This ranges from my long-lasting anime reviews to reading bad fan fiction to even messing around with Google Translate for kicks. Either way, it is my pleasure to present my oddments to you in glorious awesomeness!

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  1. They reeally like reusing that Golden Frieza animation.

    The energy cage used to trap Dyspo was a neat idea, but I’m more than ready for the climactic battle with Jiren at this point.

    Also, considering all that’s happened up until now, I feel they should’ve made the tournament longer than just 48 minutes. Even without the standard Dragon Ball time expanding editing and dramatic pauses, it feels like at least an hour or two has passed since the tourney started.

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