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Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 Review: Noble Pride To The End! Vegeta Falls – The endgame is approaching with Vegeta struggling to hold up against Jiren. It’s so one-sided. However, with his last bit of strength, Vegeta gives Goku the power he needs to end up going Ultra Instinct for the third time. Does Goku make his friends proud?

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  1. I thought this was one of the best episodes of the arc. I really appreciated that it just got to the point without dragging things out too much.

    Vegeta’s exit was legendary. “I leave the rest to you Kakarrot.” Very much felt like a callback to the first Broly movie, they did the same thing with Vegeta giving Goku the last of his energy.

    Roshi’s line about not wanting to see Goku get hurt anymore was also great. The old master having sympathy for his former student. Overall a lot of great character moments. Looking forward to next week’s episode!

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