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Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Review: Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until We Meet Again – This is it! The end of Dragon Ball Super! Jiren has to take on the remainder of Universe 7 with only 30 seconds left. Who will win the Tournament of Power and what will the wish be? Analysis time!


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  1. They played it pretty safe but I thought it was a satisfying finale. They definitely pulled out all the stops in terms of animation and shot composition.That one angle of an exhausted Jiren kneeling between black plumes of smoke was particularly cinematic. Seeing Goku and Frieza work together like that was pretty freakin’ awesome and not something I realized I wanted to see. I loved how Goku’s super saiyan hair was flickering in and out like a lightbulb during the final assault.

    I definitely would’ve liked some closure in regards to the rivalry between Goku and Beerus, but I suppose they couldn’t address all the dangling plot threads. It actually might be a good way to kick off the inevitable follow up series. Start with Goku and Beerus sparring, only this time have Goku be the one dominating the fight to parallel the beginning of Super.

    Anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed the past three or so years of new Dragon Ball stories, I always thought I’d look back fondly on Dragon Ball as something from my younger days, but I’m glad it’s still going strong. My Saturday evenings will not be the same now that Super is ended.

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