Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 Review – MasakoX

Goku is bored. Zeno-sama is bored. What to do? Remember that tournament they talked about? Let’s do that! Despite Beerus and Whis’s protests, Dragon Ball Super is heading towards a brand new arc with seemingly drastic consequences in THE UNIVERSE SURVIVAL ARC!

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I'm MasakoX, part of TeamfourStar's Dragonball Z Abridged team. When I'm not fighting bad guys or eating muffins, I produce content for Channel Awesome! This ranges from my long-lasting anime reviews to reading bad fan fiction to even messing around with Google Translate for kicks. Either way, it is my pleasure to present my oddments to you in glorious awesomeness!

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  1. They’ve definitely changed the animation style. The line work seems a lot bolder, and the contrast is higher as you mentioned, creating a more graphic look which I really dig. Goku’s obsession with fighting has reached new extremes it seems. Although to be fair, it’s not like he knows the true ramifications of this new tournament. He probably assumed it would be a repeat of the previous universal tournament, just at a much larger scale. Anyway, they seem to be setting up some interesting stuff for the future, I’m curious to see where it goes.

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