Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 Review – MasakoX

Goku has to find two fighters to join him in the Zen Exhibition Match, but who? Vegeta? Trunks and Goten? Gohan?! Buu?! Just who will join him to fight against Universe 9? It’s up to him as Beerus and Whis ain’t gonna help!

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  1. I don’t think the writers will destroy any of the universes. either Zen-Oh was bluffing to make things more interesting, Goku will convince him not to destroy anything, someone on the Universe 7 team will fourfit knowin ZeoOh won’t kill Goku or they’ll wish everyone back with the Super Dragon Balls.

  2. If I believe hard enough can Dragon Ball Super’s new arc replace Buu with Future Trunks and Master Roshi with a re-inspired Yamcha? Please?

  3. at the very least this exhibition match shouldn’t have any consequences as long as the Omni Kings are entertained, but then maybe the winning universe can use the super dragonballs to restore the universes they destroy? Zen-O may be an innocent child but he could very well be the greatest villain in Dragonball history…

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