Dragon Ball Super Episode 87 Review – MasakoX

Dragon Ball Super Episode 87: Hunt the Poachers! Goku and 17’s Joint Battle! Android 17 is back and he and Goku need to SAVE THE WORLD…from poachers. SPACE POACHERS! What can our heroes do?!

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  1. I’m always surprise at the amount of poltholes these episodes sometimes have. This episode was especially bad in that matter.

    1. Why did Goku say, that it’s to late if the space ship is in space? Hasn’t he repeatedly done the IT across galaxys?
    2. And why where they even stopping in the first place? Both of them should easyly be able to just fly through the walls like paper.
    3. MasakoX already mentiond the plothole of Goku not using IT to bring the animals back.
    4. Since when does Goku need to go SSJBlue to not get sucked out into space? He can easyly move around in hundreds of times gravity in his base. We even saw Frieza not being botherd by this kind of things. Doing the same should be nothing to Goku.
    MasakoX made a good point here, that SSJBlue creats an atmosphere around you, that allows you to survive in space. But I think it unlikely that this was the intention of this scene.
    5. C17 wants to wish for a ship with the super dragonballs?! Earths dragonballs should be enought for that wish, maybe even bulma or Satan could buy him a ship for that price. Using the super dragonballs for that is stupid.
    And why did he tell Goku he wasn’t interessted in money if that was his wish?

    Who even writes these episodes, have these writers not even botherd to see the original series?

  2. I’ve been enjoying the lead up episodes to the tournament of power for the most part, but this one really felt like filler. You could skip it and you wouldn’t miss much. The use of instant transmission was cool though.

  3. Filling a plothole: The eternal dragon said that the Androids are far more powerful than he is and aside from removing the explosive devices from them he can’t do anything to change them. That most likely means that he couldn’t alter his memories as well.

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