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Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 Review: Facing The Wall That Must Be Overcome! Goku vs Gohan It’s here. How strong is Ultimate Gohan against Goku?! Short answer – stronger than you think!

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  1. Yeah, epic fight this episode. And the outcome felt right to me, Gohan is strong no doubt, but Goku has dedicated a lifetime to training and perfecting his skills, whereas Gohan basically just has good genes. It was quite a touching moment when Goku caught him at the end of their bout. Always nice to see Goku actually giving a damn about his family. I felt bad for Tien this episode, he just came across as a little bitch. Although I suppose that’s unavoidable considering the company he keeps.

  2. handsomefatman

    More closing the gap between Goku/Vegeta and the rest of the cast. Which is awesome. Now just please let Yamcha be the one to replace Buu, not Frieza.

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