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Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 Review: An Emergency Development! We Don’t Have Ten Members! With Buu out for the count, Goku has to do something drastic! But wait! Caulifla’s gone Super Saiyan! As for Kale, well…

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  1. Huh, so all it takes to become super saiyan is to focus your energy so you get a tingly feeling in your back….kinda makes Goku and Vegeta look like a couple of chumps considering all they went through to attain it. I kid though. Super saiyan has been old hat since Goten and Trunks did it way back in the buu saga. Seriously though, I really like the universe 6 Saiyans, and I’m curious to see how their story plays out. Although at this point I’m just kind of anxious for this damn tournament to get underway already!

    • Think of it this way: once Goku attained the form, other Saiyans had a waaaaaaaaay easier time. Just seeing it’s possible triggers something in Saiyans, and some Saiyans are just really proficient at attaining the form.

      Now that I think about it, not just Saiyans. Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu had an easier time climbing Korin’s tower and conquering Snake Way than Goku, because Goku did it first and set a precedent.

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