Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 Review – MasakoX

Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 Review: Survive! The Curtain Finally Rises on the Tournament of Power!! The Tournament of Power is under way but Goku is focused is just one thing as are we – Jiren. The first fighters begin to fall, but who though? Is Universe 7 safe?!

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I'm MasakoX, part of TeamfourStar's Dragonball Z Abridged team. When I'm not fighting bad guys or eating muffins, I produce content for Channel Awesome! This ranges from my long-lasting anime reviews to reading bad fan fiction to even messing around with Google Translate for kicks. Either way, it is my pleasure to present my oddments to you in glorious awesomeness!


  1. Calling it now. Goku will use the Super Dragon Balls to bring back all the universes that get destroyed when he knocks Jiren out in the final round.

  2. I’d say the tournament’s off to a good start. Although I kinda wish they had the animation budget to show individual skirmishes happening in the background in some of those wide shots, instead of just random explosions. Speaking of which, I’d be curious to see what would’ve happened to a regular old human at the start of the tournament. Instant vaporization seems likely.

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