Dragon Ball Super: Future Trunks Arc – A Dragonball Discussion

With the passing of Episode 67, The Future Trunks arc of Dragon Ball Super is now complete. What did I make of it all? Are there things I would’ve changed if given the chance? Did Trunks become the true Hero of Time? Let’s talk about the best and worst of the arc in today’s discussion!

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  1. I was honestly surprised they went that route with Trunks, in my opinion this is the worst they could do. If they wanted to destroy his world anyway they might as well have Trunks stay in the current timeline, he is one of the most popular characters and that way he could become part of the main cast.

    Creating a new timeline won’t change the fact that everyone in Trunks timeline is dead. His timeline is still there otherwise one of the timerings would have to disappeared. That way he still completely failed at protecting the people from his world and they are still dead.

    The best solution to save the people from Trunks timeline would be to use the super dragonball’s. If they truly have no limits and can grant any wish, than this should be no problem.

    All in all I didn’t really like this arc, Zamasu was just annoying and there were so many missed opportunities. If they wanted an evil Goku and already started this time travel theme, they should have used a version of Goku that didn’t lose his memory as a baby and grew up evil. There were just to many plot holes and story threads that went nowhere. All in all this felt like an extended filler arc.

    • Yeah, a Goku from another universe in which he didn’t hit his head as a child and remained a ruthless saiyan warrior would’ve been a lot more interesting. Perhaps they thought that would’ve been too predictable? In any case there’s still a chance we’ll see such a character whenever they get around to the multiverse tournament arc.

      • I think they have probably just forgotten that Goku hit his head as a kid and was originally evil. Otherwise that choice would have been obvious.
        But it would be really cool, they could have Vegeta beat him, so he technically beat the real Goku and finally finished this otherwise impossible story arc.
        But I’m pretty sure they won’t give us another evil Goku for a very long time, doing this after Goku Black would be just to repetitive.

  2. I think it would be an interesting idea if the two Trunks’ would fuse…
    Also, maybe, just maybe, if Xenoverse is canon, the Trunks from there could be this Trunks, and somewhere Mai also was taken in by the Kai of time.

  3. That’s not how SSBlue works.

    Blue is all about calm mind, Ki control and internalizing your strength through training. You can’t power-rage in to it like traditional Super Saiyan forms. So in anyway Trunks victory was an absolute a*s-pull there is no explanation out there that makes sens.

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