Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Premiere Coverage and Review

Josh and Ryan cover the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F (Also known as Dragonball Z: Revival of F – Fukkatsu no F in Japan) premiere at Grauman’s Egpytian Theatre in Hollywood that took place on April 11, 2015.

Josh’s Review

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  1. Whoah. I’m a huge DBZ fan (I own all of the seasons on Blu Ray and the movies box sets), but didn’t realize this was going on since I don’t keep up much with events and stuff.

    I used to live close to Hollywood too. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.


  2. This was the greatest surprise I’ve had on this site so far and that’s saying a lot!

    So many thanks for covering this! These videos are awesome! Also that Revival Of F Frieza song is amazing too 😀

    Here’s hoping that Cell get’s a brief cameo in the movie. Probably not but it would be nice, after all they are friends 😀

  3. Oh and I forgot to add, I heard news of this but I never get to see any coverage; especially in english so thanks so much again!

    All Hail the Changling/Icer/ Frieza Race!

    • Frieza has always been one of my favorite DBZ villains, despite the terrible voice he had when DBZ was on Cartoon Network. When his voice was replaced in DBZ Kai by Chris Ayres, he even became more amazing.

      I’m kinda tempted to watch Josh’s review, but like Battle of Gods, I wanna go into this movie completely fresh when it’s out here in theaters.

  4. I watched the battle of gods and HATED it SO MUCH. I might not even watch this one because of how bad the first one was. Is this pretty much more of the same? Or is it actually worth watching?

    I’m a huge DBZ fan, GT was ok, but I wasn’t into it for the most part. I refuse to watch kai.

    • Is it worth watching? Let’s see…. in this movie we were treated to the revelation that the only thing the bad guys EVER needed to take down Goku all along, was a Sniper Rifle….

      ….knowing that priceles nugget of information, you should be able to draw your own conclusions about whether or not you’d like this movie.

      Oh, Dr. Gero. All those years working on Super-powerful androids to beat Goku. When he just could have hired your average hitman for a fraction of the cost and *Bam!* Good-bye Goku.

    • Kai is great since it’s a manga cut of the series with no filler. The voice acting in English is greatly improved too.

    • all joking aside, is it any good? I hated the first one. So much.

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