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Toonami month FINALLY begins with a much belated look at what might be the most popular anime of all time.

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  1. Devil's Advocate

    you made some good points but I also liked the characters’ speeches. and there was character development like with Vegeta.

    and I haven’t seen Super but I liked Battle of Gods and Resurrection F and liked some of the story and world building ideas from Super.

    and the androids being a threat may have been odd but at least the other antagonists made sense, a modified clone of the strongest of the heroes and villains, a monster of chaos and destruction, the actual god of destruction.

  2. Devil's Advocate

    and there weren’t always straight up good guys and bad guys. Vegeta was an anti hero for a while, the main timeline’s 17 and 18 just wanted to have fun and didn’t hurt anyone, Beerus is just doing his job and the fat Buu(the other versions were separate beings) was never truly evil.

  3. You see parallels in DBZ to wrestling, i see parallels in DBZ to super hero comics. I guess all three are just expressions of the same kind of heroic, episodic storytelling.

  4. IMO DBZ is one of those animes that haven’t aged well. What really hurts DBZ in my eyes is that it’s so repeative. Basically in it’s every “story arc” characters that matter (non-human characters that is) just train, power up and fight over and over again.

    How many would till be DBZ fans if not for nostalgia and that it was most likely first anime they have seen. Sure DBZ is not unique in that sense as there are other anime like Gundam Wing that are not that good but still are remembered fondly.

    • You’ll find that’s a problem with shounen anime in general. Every story arc is basically the same with only a few minor differences. (The only exception I’ve seen is Full Metal Alchemist.)

  5. The Real Silverstar

    Eh, I agree with Bennett, DBZ should have ended with the Cell Saga; everything after that was and still is just padding the thing to obesity. The characters just keep on screaming and posing and powering up to increasingly more ridiculous levels of god-like power to beat bigger and better Ultimate Baddies. All of the charm and absurd humor got lost in the nonstop epic fighting. I always liked Dragon Ball more than Z anyway, even when Z got really popular. DB had a sense of whimsy and fun to it and the fighting was only pulled out occasionally.

  6. I GOT THE REFERENCE! I GOT THE REFERENCE! Sage, I’d love to hear your take on AMV Hell sometime.

  7. 11:07

    What the fuck is he saying?

  8. Yeah, I think the series really peaked with the Frieza saga. That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed what’s come since, even all the way up to dragon ball super. But that arc really represented what gravitated me towards the series in the first place. The hero (Goku) overcomes insurmountable odds through sheer force of will and determination to defeat a vastly more powerful foe. It’s the classic underdog story.

  9. “What else is there to say about Dragon Ball Z?”



    Seriously man you should of at least had a cameo with Lawerence pointing out his DBZ knowledge and Sage just trying to ignore or something like that. I can appreciate trying to have a differing view point and your own style but you don’t exist on a vaccuum on the site with these sort of videos man and showing that would of been really appreciated.

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