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Even only half an OVA can still be fully entertaining.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    I have three words for this anime: FUS RO DAH!

  2. Woot! Fur Affinity name drop ;3. Made a bunch of friends on that site. Course was a good joke, and I doubt Sage would judge, he does go by Dave and hang out with an over sexed Hentia mascot

    Is it odd that I like the Zone TV News animations when I don’t visit the site, or really dig that sort of stuff?

  3. I think Dragon Half was one of the first anime I saw back in the 90’s. And next week the slightly ecchi I Dream of Mimi or Buttobi CPU as it’s known in Japan is an interesting choice. It’s not quite porn but it’s definitely not for kids.

  4. Dragon Half didn’t take jabs at chibi but helped cement the trend, since it largely came from comedy in the first place. It’s more a case of certain Westerners hating on chibi for being cutesy when it was always fine so long as it was applied well. Just like any trope.

    Good job on explaining the different rhythms in English and Japanese and why so many jokes don’t translate. Though… that’s not the real problem of either example. You can tell the horse one in Japanese and end on the punchline, and Marzgurl is asking, “Do you think the kaiser laments discovering the legacies of salad and what dogs eat?”

  5. I’ll get Japanese down someday…or maybe not since trying to get it down is so arduous I don’t wish it on my worst enemy…but at least I can lol at a lame joke like suki ga suki desu…yeah, that’s about as funny as a fart joke…but it’s a joke in Japanese that I get, so whatever.

    In all fairness Sage, you picked a joke written in English for an English speaking audience. I’m sure there’s plenty of humour written in other languages that rely on the conventions of those languages and wouldn’t be funny when translated into English. English does have a versatility to it though, I’ll give you that.

  6. Xeno-the-Hedgehog

    Ceasar’s legacy amounts to dog food, salad, and pizza, kind sir.

  7. I’m going to say this new before I watch your vid wuss. I loved this anime. Like dearly love it. Me and my friends still quote it today. Like Damaramu will always regret this. Or vicious dragon. : )

  8. Philippe GEORGES

    Any chance you’ll talk about Loddos one day? I’ve checked the list of all the anime you’ve reviewed so far, but there’s been no Lodoss yet.

  9. I’ve got to say it, the Dick Saucer joke wasn’t funny and repeating it made it worse every time, ironic considering the theme of the episode, especially since your delivery was really bad

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