Dragonball Super: Can It Do What GT Couldn’t?

It’s been six months since Dragonball Super came out and I feel it’s about time to come up with an initial feeling about the series. Weighing up the pros and cons and whether it can get the balance of comedy and action-adventure that GT failed to achieve.

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  1. DAMN IT TOEI! Yeah this video pretty much sums it up.

  2. Personally I find Super worse than GT right now, but they can change that with the coming arcs… I did read the manga about it, and the humor was pretty much back along with some interesting character interactions and such.

  3. i think Super does the movies better than the movies,and i think Beerus is pretty much the same all around,and honestly,i can’t say i think them covering the movies is a bad thing,it’s been done a /lot/ worse
    like Ghost in the Shell Arise
    that was pathetic
    and honestly,i feel like maybe super saiyan blue was something that maybe they regret introducing
    and i don’t think there was any issue with stretching out the movie plots
    honestly,they could’ve just dropped the Frieza movie altogether
    and DBZ /is/ serious,no matter how much comedy is involved

  4. I haven’t watched Dragonball Super since halfway through the Battle of Gods retelling arc, but I’m not impressed so far. I was excited for Super at first, but the absolutely terrible animation and pacing of the story are just unsettling for me.

    Is it worse than GT? Ehhhhhhh….. For one, Super does feel like it takes place in the actual DB Universe than GT making Goku a kid and changing his outfit with 1/3 of the series taking place in space. They at least kept Goku an adult here. I know the next arc is the Universe 6 stuff with Champa which I have a passing curiosity for, but not many high hopes.

    Super needs to recapture the epic battles of Z like Frieza and Cell because right now it feels like TOEI is trying to make a quick buck with recycled movie plots and gawd awful animation.

  5. I haven’t seen db super as of yet. It strikes me as odd that they’re bothering to retell the same stories as the recent films that have been released. I’m kinda waiting for them to get into the entirely new material before I jump on board.

  6. Interesting analysis. Having not seen Super, your review doesn’t give me much confidence that I’ll like it. I think I’ll just keep watching DBZ Abridged. 🙂

    Also, I dunno what happened, but this video is really blurry. I think the focus on your camera accidentally picked up on the background behind you, instead of your face.

  7. The difference between Super and GT is that Super was made by Akira Toriyama, you know the CREATOR of the franchise, GT wasn’t. Akira Toriyama’s ONLY Contribution to GT was some random art he made that later became concept art for the show, and a fan picture of SSJ4 Goku, other than that Toriyama hated GT and one of the biggest points of him doing Super was to put a final end to the claims that GT was Canon when it in fact never was anything more than a fan fiction made into a series much like 50 shades. So far Super has retreaded ground we’ve already seen and added a bunch of unnecessary filler to it. Also one has to be familiar with one of his other works, Space Patrolman Jaco to cunderstand why the gay purple alien is in the series, Jaco was in a series where he traveled around having adventures with a girl nearly identicle to Bulma named Tights, at the end of the series Jaco and Tights meet up with Bulma and Goku just as they are starting their quest for the Dragon Balls at the very beginning of the Original Dragon Ball.

  8. I really want Cell to return but it’s unlikely.

    I mean frieza got to come back but again, frieza was supposed to be the final villian in dbz and so akira toriyama had the most attachment to him.

    But Cell does has a lot of potential. He has namekian, saiyan, human and changling (frieza) blood. So he has the potential to become some sort of super saiyan god golden form thing… That and he’s the last dbz villian who’s a threat and still a villian + we haven’t seen in a while.

    • No he wasn’t. That’s a myth that’s repeated so often that fans believe it to be true, but there’s absolutely nothing to it, or the “Toriyama was forced against his will to continue” myth.

      It mostly came about because the original English release of the Namek arc took almost 5 years to get through, between cancellation and switching networks, so it built up Frieza as a bigger deal than was ever intended in the original story. Yes, he’s a popular big time villain, but was never intended as the last.


    • Seeing as they recently brought Frieza back, I think I’d prefer an entirely new villain at this point. Wasn’t it mentioned in Battle of the Gods that they’re several different gods of destruction for each different galaxy or something like that? I’d be interested in seeing who those guys are.

  9. Was Freeza treated better in DB Super than he was in the film? I HATED how the film brought Freeza back from the grave and gave him a new form but didn’t treat him as a serious challenge for Goku & Vegeta to overcome, it felt like a waste of my time & a slap to the face of fans hoping to see the ultimate rematch between Goku & the most iconic DBZ villain of them all. No spoilers, just want to know if Freeza is given more respect & menace on the show or if he’s given the same disappointing treatment he got in the movie.

    • the show basically treats him sort of not seriously and then a little more as it goes on, and it’s basically flat out stated the reason frieza isn’t outright winning is he rushed into the fight without getting used to his new power. Beerus also said he couldn’t tell who would win iirc at the beginning. So possibly better? I haven’t seen the movies so I’m not sure how they treated it but it seems like freiza’s main weakness is just his ego. The fight hasn’t been terribly spectacular but he’s also not defeated yet so it’s hard to be totally sure.

  10. My only real disappointment with DBS (aside from the slipshod animation here and there) is the Super Sayan God Super Sayan (I love saying that) reveal. In Resurrection: F Goku and Vegita just sort of do it with no build-up. I thought for sure the series would spend more time showing their training and how the two develop this power but nope! Still comes out of nowhere.

    This is a really, really bad way to handle power level shifts. A new form should be badass when it’s first revealed, wowing everyone with its greatness. DBZ was always good about showing us, in no uncertain terms, just how powerful each new iteration of the heroes is. DBS just tells us and expects us to trust it on its word. Yeah, Gohan and the others gasp at everything, but that’s the issue – they gasp at everything, so nothing feels special.

    The battle with Freeza does this twice. First we have the reveal of the very very garish Golden Freeza and we’re told it’s very powerful so trust us on this. Doesn’t seem that powerful to me, personally. Then we see the Super Sayan Cyan form and we’re told it’s powerful, but… It doesn’t seem that powerful, either. In fact, it feels like a step down.

    You can’t do this. You can’t break the chain of power levels because it becomes confusing. Super Sayan God Goku was powerful enough to match Beerus blow-for-blow but was obviously inferior, and we know Beerus is stronger than Majin Buu. That’s where the chain ends. How strong is SSGSS as compared to regular SSG? How strong is Freeza as compared to regular SSG? Why couldn’t we have had Goku and Vegeta learn the basic red-haired form first, and then in final desperation discover SSJSS?

    And why are all the female characters relegated to “you stay at home, cook dinner and watch the kids” roles? Seriously, Android 18 can wipe the floor with the rest of the fighters who end up fighting Freeza, probably including green jumpsuit Gohan.

    • Apparently super saiyan god super saiyan (blue hair) is in fact a step down from the pure red haired super saiyan god form seen in the previous film. Whereas that form is accessed through the ritual they preform, the blue haired super saiyan level is Goku tapping into the power awakened in him when he became an SS god. So it isn’t the full extent of a pure super saiyan god’s power. According to Akira Toriyama SSG has red hair as it’s a strong more aggressive colour. The blue hair signifies that Goku isn’t quite as strong as he was in Battle of the Gods.

    • yeah I think that is the biggest flaw with the series? it’s kind of show not tell. Which I feel like might have gone better with a better animation team to you know, show it. :/

      I’m guessing this ISN’T what they are going to do (I have not seen the movie) but I think what they should have done was have frieza come back, get his ass handed to him, because he honestly should not logically have been able to match goku (who has been alive and improving since he died) so easily so quickly so it makes everything feel scaled down, because it’s been several big battles since goku beat him the first time. Like I feel like the last episode should have been the end of the fight and he actually leaves, trains some more, and then comes back with actual control over his gold form for the big showdown.

      And yeah, why the fuck would you send krillin and not 18? Like I’m sorry krillin, you are plenty strong for a human and that is admirable but you are out of practice and 18 was way stronger at your BEST. The fact that the strongest fighter they sent after frieza was an out of shape gohan contributes to why the fight isn’t as impressive I think. Like when they fought cell they sent out like buu to fight so you had a REALLY EASY COMPARISON to the strength of the last villian. Buu is alive they should have sent him and 18 who was from the cell arc and you could then compare frieza’s strength upgrade to the other two arcs easier. Someone of noteable strength (and out of shape fighters really AREN’T) needs to get their ass kicked for him to look properly formidable. The math does technically add up but you are just giving the numbers and not showing so it doesn’t feel as big.

  11. I didn’t see movies but like super well enough. It gets the point of dragon ball which GT missed as well as 90% of the things that are inspired by it. Dragon ball is SUPPOSED to be goofy, it’s the entire reason it gets away with all the terrible tropes like death meaning nothing and endless power ups. You don’t take it seriously because it’s not supposed to be. When dragon ball is done right it doesn’t matter because it’s fun. I think it’s doing a pretty good job personally. Unlike GT which was clearly mostly a “product”, even of toriyama isn’t making super himself I feel like the staff has fans in it. The filler episodes feel like stuff fans would make fanfics or comics of. I think I actually HAD seen a version of the first episode as a comic at some point. The slice of life sections are made very enjoyable and honestly I think they could stand on their own without the fighting as fun instead of basically omake episodes.

    But it does feel not -quite- there. I’m not sure what it is but things don’t have the correct weight. I’m pretty sure it’s very much a “tell not show” thing where we hear x character is strong but we aren’t really shown what they can do properly. Goku vs. frieza so far has felt like the warm up for the real fight because frieza has basically only defeated people who he ALREADY BEAT LAST TIME so even if they got somewhat stronger it doesn’t feel like he is a threat to goku and vegeta. Goku has fought all of 0 people since the last training session so we don’t even know how strong HE is now either. If the animation was better it might be ok to compensate with flashy attacks but the attacks haven’t been special either. So the result is as of now I actually like the filler better because it’s well done and not all talk about how strong everyone is.

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