Dragonball Super Episode 32 REVIEW – MasakoX

Episode 32 details the beginning of the tournament to decide the fate of the Earth! As well as seeing Goku with facial hair.

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  1. Dragon Ball Super Beard EDITION!

  2. Bearded Goku and Vegeta?!

    I’m tempted to pick up DB Super again…

  3. You neglected a small elephant hiding in the room…..PICCOLO WAS EATING FOOD!!!!! Did he plan on unleashing a bunch of Yoshis during the fight, or more likely did Toriyama forget YET AGAIN about how his characters work? I’m going with the latter. All in all good episode and I do hope the Manga starts releasing weekly so the anime doesn’t get slowed down by needless fillers.

    And I do hope Gohan is able to make it to the Tournament in time to fight in Buu’s behalf. SSB Gohan anyone?

    • Well don’t forget, Piccolo has eaten food in the past and so did King Piccolo.

      My understanding is that Namekians get most of their nutrients from the water they drink so they don’t need to eat. Suggests the water on Namek is more rich than on earth, more like an ocean of health drinks. Piccolo eating isn’t inconsistent, especially with his “demon” origins.

  4. For me, the highlight of this episode was Goku just punching Monaka. That is just utterly Goku to a Tee. Vegeta be like “I don’t care if he’s stronger than us! He’s on our side!” Goku be all like…. “I gotta know how strong this guy is. I just GOTTA!”

    And of course Beerus’s reaction was just… yeah. Everyone else was just like… “srsly Goku?” Beerus just utterly lost it.

    And yes, the beards. They were just so damn awesome. I just want Toriyama to pull a Rumiko Takahashi and keep this series going for years and years. It’s just so incredibly entertaining. It’s great to see these characters back.

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