Dragonball Super Episode 33 Review – MasakoX

Episode 33 turns a lot of things on their heads! That and there’s some kickass fighting and a surprise twist!

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  1. I liked that goku lost; because not only does he always win, he will learn from it. You cannot be perfect and when you slip up on say, saving the world? Everyone pays for it.

    That and frost had a far better reason than goku to fight. Seriously uub had a very similar goal to frost and goku was far meaner to frost? Goku didn’t even try to talk to him, goku just stared him down to enjoy fighting?!

    That and we FINALLY get some changling, icer, frost demon questions answered: like can changlings go up and down forms? Or is it a perminant form like cell (before his body rejected 17 and 18)?

    Still got more questions though like: how are changlings born? How do they grow up? Are they all rulers of planets in some way? Are they all 1 gender or do they have two? Are all changling’s related to king cold/chilled? Or do they have their own families?

    Guess it’s only a matter of watching episodes then, to find out 😀

    • Some of that has been answered before… They are a single gender and Chilled’s bloodline were apparently mutants who were able to become much stronger than their people usually are. The major ones so far have all been from the same family, so that’s why they were all rulers. A few of those minions of theirs who looked sort of close to them might have been the same race, just without the special mutant power boost.

  2. I was bummed to see Goku lose, but I suppose it has to happen sometimes. In any case their fight was pretty epic, I love how completely dominant Goku was once he went super saiyan, just how much stronger have he and Vegeta become during their 3 years of training? Also I’m curious just what Frost resorted to to disorient Goku like that. It would be interesting if it turns out he cheated in some way. This morally just and righteous character resorting to underhanded tactics to achieve his otherwise noble goals.

  3. All this time, and I’ve yet to see anyone make an “Antifreeza” joke about Frost.

    And I really, really hope it doesn’t turn out that Frost cheated by using some kind of knock-out dart or something, because I would much rather his whole Antifreeza persona be taken all the way, rather than do something cynical and have him be underhanded after all.

    It kind of reminds me of the fight from the original Dragonball against the guy who was in the tournament so he could earn money to bring water back to his drought-stricken village. I’ve seen some people wonder if Goku threw the match because he felt bad for Frost, but he still shamelessly beat the water guy back in the original series, so I find that unlikely unless Super really is trying to go for some character development.

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