Dragonball Super Episode 37 Review

Episode 37 of Dragonball Super and we get the biggest reason about why Vegeta is the best character in this arc.

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  1. I thought the SSJ1 Cabba stuff was kinda lame. Seriously, if threatening Caba’s life and planet is ALL it takes? I’m pretty sure he would have turned SSJ1 a LONG time ago. Especially since he is supposed to be this fighter of justice and all. It’s a safe bet that his home & family have been threatened numerous times already.

    I mean, i like the concept and what they were going for but, it was lazily executed and just felt like sad fanfic material.

    Cabba just hadn’t “earned” it. Not like the way Goku, Vegeta, and future trunks did. Who were all pushing to their absolute limits and experiencing “breaking point” levels of anger and emotion to trigger SSJ1.

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