Dragonball Super Episode 55 Review – MasakoX

Goku is about to leave with Vegeta and Trunks in today’s Dragonball Super episode…however, the King of Everything needs him to come to his place right now! What could this mean?! Does Goku have an important mission? Couldn’t this have waited until later?

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  1. Well, at least shit seems to be finally getting real next week.

  2. I knew it, they brought up this Piccolo/Kami relation with Beerus and the Kaio Shin. They might just be preparing us for Black being Zamasus split of evil part, like in my theory from the last episode.

    • Good theory, I would not be surprised if that turns out to be the case. It’s in keeping with what they said about Black’s ki being similar to Zamasu’s but not exactly the same. The real question is how did evil Zamasu acquire Goku’s appearance and powers?

      • In my theory he looks like Goku because he is the manifestation of Zamasus hate on humans and especially Goku. After splitting him of, he might banish him into one of the parallel timelines, which are already illegal, to prevent him from doing any harm in the main timeline. He could do this with one of the green rings that Gowasu brought up.
        But maybe this is a little to complicated for dragonball.
        In the new chapter of the manga they revealed that in Trunks timeline Beerus is dead, because the Kaio Shin was killed by Babidi, so maybe that is the only reason why they brought this up in this episode.
        But I like that they keep us guessing.

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