Dragonball Super Episode 58 Review – MasakoX

Goku, Trunks and Vegeta lick their wounds as the mystery behind Zamasu and Black’s power is slowly revealed. Where did all this magic come from? How can they be stopped? What’s in Gowasu’s tea that makes him drink it all the damn time?!

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  1. I really think they’ve made Goku a little too stupid on Super. I mean, he was never the intellectual type by I don’t recall him ever being quite so imbicillic on DBZ. His childhood head trauma must be catching up with him.

  2. I don’t like the way they explained who Black is. In the futur timeline Goku has been dead since Android Saga and never came back. How does Zamasu from Futur Trunks timeline even know about Goku or give a damn about him? Also Zamasu is the dumbest villain ever, if he wants to rid the world of humans he could have used his first wish to do so. Super Shenrons wishes have no limit, why does he even need a servant do accomplish his goal? And if he just wanted a stong alley, he should have wished for a copie of beerus or whis or something, not Goku. Dragonball never had a great continuity, but this arc is just full of plotholes.

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