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Trunks is pumped up and ready to take on the gods once more! It’s time for Goku and Vegeta to return to the past and figure out a real plan to stop Black and Zamasu. Piccolo has an idea! What is it? Will it work? Find out in today’s review.

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  1. I’m curious as to what’s really going on with Black’s overwhelming strength. There’s definitely something more to it than simply Zamasu’s mind in Goku’s body. Saiyans do get stronger after each battle, but not at the exponential rate Black seems to be exhibiting. Some form of genetic manipulation perhaps? Part of the title for next week’s episode is “Don’t defile saiyan cells” could be a clue.

  2. Loved this episode. Mafuba was always my favorit attack and they did everything right by bringing back the good old times. From the flashback to the training scene this is what I missed in DB Super and in DBZ aswell. Give us more stuff related to old Dragon Ball. Those scenes alone and making one of my favorit characters (Master Roshi) relevant again, makes this episode the best in Super to this point in my opinion. They finally understood, that Super could overcome even DBZ if they start to integrate all the stuff form old DB and DBZ again, that Toriyama just forgott about and never brought up again, which is why there are so many inconsistencies in this series.

    Also loved the way the sidecharacters came in again. Just being focused on Goku and Vegeta and maybe sometimes Trunks get’s boring really quickly. Seeing Trunks and Goten and even Gohan considering to join the fight, was awesome. I hope we get more fight’s where the hole Z-Team can join and maybe even the weaker one’s get more to do than to fight irrelevant henchman.

    • I agree with you it would be great if they included more stuff from Dragon Ball. Oddly enough I really do miss the training sequences, because I always thought they were a nice build up to a battle where hopefully the training pays off and new power/s or techniques are shown. I would like the other characters to be involved meaningfully in the story like with Piccolo in this episode, not just standing around observing a battle. Everything you said in your second paragraph. Yes!

  3. please no politics in DB …please

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