Dragonball Super Episode 66: THE FALLOUT – A Dragonball Discussion

Dragonball Super Episode 66 has been one of the most talked about episodes in all of Super’s run or even Dragonball as a whole…but is all the hub-bub justified? Have we jumped the gun a little bit? Let’s sit down and look at the largest issues that fans have had with this episode and try and shed some light on them!

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  1. Oh FFS, stop being such an apologist for DBS. It isn’t as bad as people say it is, but there are definitive issues with this episode.

    The Potara Earrings are a retcon, no matter how many stupid sound comments you will make about “bad air/stomach acids” they said it was due to the highly hostile magical environment inside Buu, which made sense because after all the only other method of getting out of a potara fusion is via dragon balls aka also magic. The revelation of the hour limit is a retcon you can stretch around to fit it somehow in the world but it still deserves that nomicer.

    Trunks power levels are bulshit. First of Merged Zamasu withstand a full powered Kamehameha from Vegito Blue, VEGITO BLUE! You know that fusion that is said to be a multiplier between Gokus power level and Vegetas powers level?! Not added, multiplied. But nope Trunks with an energy powered by the will of what the 20 remaining normal humans (plus a robot who suddenly have ki now?) in thew world can now totally cut Zamasu. Sure. Totally believable. And he somehow learned the spirit bomb, just by hearing about it? Just don’t.

    Dude who by all accounts can now probably defeat Berrus couldn’t damage Zamasu but Trunks could. No problem in logic there. Power lelvels are bulshit…

    And I personally am annoyed at Trunks win for another reason. So it is ok to brake the format of the show to give Trunks a complete unjustified win, but not Vegeta? Resurrection of F anyone? Toriyama is just trolling us Vegeta fan now isn’t he…

    • I agree. Potara earrings are WORTHLESS now. If they can’t finish a fight in under 7 minutes, which is about the time the fusion lasts, then they’re SOL. And if there’s one thing all dragonball cast have universally been terrible at? It’s sticking to time deadlines.

  2. This was insulting to Vegito fans!! The character was basically used as filler, to kill time, before Trunks showed up. They may as well have not bothered. Also yeah, the Potara earrings were retconned into worthlessness here. Only positive i can say about this episode is that Trunks won. Which just felt right, since it seemed this whole arc revolved around him from the start. Even despite his sudden power-up being 100.00% USDA-Grade bullsh*t.

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