Dragon’s Lair – Nostalgia Critic

With special guest Don Bluth, Nostalgia Critic is forced to play one of the hardest arcade series of the 80s, Dragon’s Lair. It’s gonna be a long quest.

This week’s Featured Charity is the Salvation Army. Click here to learn more or to donate!

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  1. the notorious white moth

    …This was one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen

  2. you know it always makes me wonder how the hell does he get these people XD

  3. Must. Make. HAPPEN!!!

  4. Hey, Don Bluth has the same shirt as me, only red.

  5. YES! YES! YES! YES! All we need is a Shut Up & Talk with Don Bluth & we have officially shown Hollywood how it’s done. God Doug, the WWE could really use you & Rob right about now.

  6. sad to say the kick-starter has failed, didn’t even make it past half way. This video would have helped a week ago, but no we had to have one more week of nostalgia-ween, stupid fan base.

    • I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

      If you watched a little further into the video, you’ll see that the campaign has jumped to Indiegogo. I suspect Don Bluth wanted to delay the announcement anyway; the Kickstarter was mismanaged to begin with, so it makes more sense to put all the marketing into the second attempt rather than salvaging the first.

  7. Oh great, we’ve gone from reviewing commercials to reviews being commercials….

  8. I Haven’t heard about Dragon’s Lair until I saw the AVGN’s review of the NES version, and I’m pretty damn sure that THAT version is harder than the original classic.

    I remember you talking about Dragon’s Lair II back in your Top 11 Mindfucks episode, and it still applies here.

    Good luck on funding you Dragon’s Lair movie, Don.

  9. awsome episode keep up the good work!

  10. I see way to much negativiy in this video, not every day you have a chance to met a legend like Don Bluth, and not just only make a video, but have a chance to help him. As many of us, Doug Admires and respect Don Bluth’s work, even he admits the ones that are not that great, still has some great quality and noticeable passion to it. I really want to see this amazing legend to succeed and make this project reallity, nicely done Doug.

  11. Am I the only one who had little to no trouble beating the original TMNT game and thought it was better than the side-scrolling fighter games the later ones became? I mean it was hard, sure, but once I beat it I could easily beat it without any problems and could get through the infamous dam level without losing a turtle or really have any of them close to being dead.

    Super Mario Brothers 1 and 3? More of a challenge for me.

    TMNT?? Piece of cake.

    • I am with you.
      I don’t think the original TMNT is as hard as everyone remembers it or try to make you believe nowadays.
      For me it was not a piece of cake, but I find other games of the era more difficult and frustrating.
      It’s a fun game with good ideas, good graphics and great music.

  12. Well then, all the better to make myself $29.97 or less lighter this year to get myself psyched for this.

  13. This lived up to my expectations.

  14. Doug has had so much fun in this video and the last. You can just tell. I feel a lot more joy and energy here than I have lately—I didn’t even know I was missing it until I saw it here. I think he really did need the “After These Messages” break.

    Don Bluth being there can’t have hurt, o’course.

  15. Good review, great guest, and awesome ending.

  16. The thing about Dragon’s Lair? It had difficulty settings. For the kids who usually frequented pizza arcades at the time, they were usually set pretty low, like as in you had almost a full second to respond to the flashes, but in others, you could raise it to say, .5 or under.

    You would see this be reused again, but give the player more flexibility, in Space Ace, when you were allowed to choose between doing the wimpy Dexter levels and go all the way through without turning into Space Ace, or you could go completely Leeroy Jenkins by slapping that energizer button every time.

  17. lacking_psilosynine

    yeah salvation army loves helping people and keeping them warm and safe…unless they’re non-straight or trans. then they’ll fire you like danielle morante (who is bi) or refuse to let you into a shelter so you freeze to death overnight like jennifer gale (who was trans woman) (rip)

    • lacking_psilosynine

      *danielle morantez. when is this site going to get a bloody edit function?

    • I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

      Non-Tumblr source, please.

      • These types only know tumblr clickbait, their obituary will read “*insert name* is dead and the reason will SHOCK you!”

        • lacking_psilosynine

          “non-tumblr source” i don’t even have an account on that inaccessible, impossible to use site. well i might, but i haven’t visited it in like 3 years.

          sources if anyone actually cares instead of just wanting to pick a fight and make assumptions/weird accusations

          danielle morantez: http : // www . examiner . com/article/vermont-salvation-army-fires-danielle-morantez-for-being-bisexual
          jennifer gale: http : // www . dallasvoice . com/trans-womans-death-shines-light-on-plight-of-homeless-1018519.html

  18. I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

    14:24 – PHEW! It’s okay, guys, Africa is still intact.

  19. Did somebody say “Portal/Portal 2 Review?”

  20. Wow I thought that Don Bluth was just put in the last video by splicing together stock footage. Did Doug really get to meet him. I’d have been like Garth and Wayne: “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!” He is a legend for a reason Land before Time and an American Tale 1 and 2 and NIMH I just. Wow he’s a great guy!

  21. Innovative video game review this time, combining it with a top 11 list. And Don Bluth playing your tormentor.

    I remember the Dragon’s Lair TV series and I’d love to see the movie!

  22. I keep hearing Dragon Slayer instead of Dragon’s Lair.

  23. ilovethings andstuff

    the salvation army is his charity of the week? the one in my town is pretty corrupt.. the one in charge runs it like a dictatorship.. give the men that live there like $5 a week to use for expenses, make them be servants at christmas parties, expect free labor out of them.. and lots more

  24. Now THAT is viral marketing.

  25. PeterOfThePanpipes

    I’ve played Dragon’s Lair, and really love it. Call me a freak.

  26. Now that we’ve seen this descent into madness, he must do the Stanley Parable.

  27. Cinnamon Scudworth

    The biggest Bluth fan on this site is MarzGurl…..it seems cruel to leave her out of this.

  28. I did not expect this review to be Dragon’s Lair. Follow up comment to come when I’ve finished the video.

  29. I had actually never heard of this video game until watching the Nostalgia Critic. Now that is an IndieGoGo that I will save money for if I have to and I am serious for once. 😀

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