Dream Daddy: Part 3 – Needs More Play

Dadtasmo deals with angsty Youths and meets the remaining Dads.

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Needs More Gay dissects the highs and lows of gay pop culture with the precision of a dull machete.


  1. Kill yourself queer!

  2. Got this game thanks to your first episode on it. It’s my first dating sim and I’m having a great time. Nice fluffy summer play.

  3. This is turning out to be really solid. I’m glad that the daughter has a purpose and a story.

    Damien-Uggggggggh! Guy is picky about authenticity and then buys a costume shirt from a chain mall store. I would pick the Damien “adventure”, just to go down the rabbit hole, but hope that I wouldn’t want to rip my hair out just talking to the guy.

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