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Aliens are popping out the back door. This looks like a job for Scooby Doo! Only Stephen King would write this. The Nostalgia Critic reviews Dreamcatcher.

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  1. I always wanted to see a live-action version of the Gravity Falls opening. I guess this is as close as we’re going to get, so, thanks, Critic!

  2. I’ve never heard of this movie… Oh, god. O.O Also, the pee joke made me laugh so much… Wow, I never thought I’d type that. Although, Film Brain was actually legitimately creeping me out at times. One last thing: I was surprised when you said the movie ended. Wha?

  3. Oh, also — I’m just as excited as everyone else for the next episode, but I hope you rip “Soos and the Real Girl” a new one. Way to completely misunderstand and insult an entire genre and fanbase in your niche cult show, guys!

  4. this was a strange ass review for a strange ass movie

  5. I know everyone will hate me for saying this, but I find them making a special needs kid into an alien to explain his disability really fucking ableist. But why should that bother me when this movie is already really bad.

  6. I lost my shit at Film Brain, not gonna lie. That may be one of the best cameo uses I’ve seen in a long time.

  7. Using a gun as a phone. So is Jonsie Divaolo?

  8. Holy shit weasels indeed. I never thought this movie would be this bonkers.

  9. The Film Brain Cameo was perfect! xD

  10. Am I the only one who thinks Stephen King looks like a Who from The Grinch?

  11. So all retard people are alien is what I learn, yeah wtf.

  12. Thomas Jane, Timothy Olyphant, Jason Lee AND… that british ginger guy from Homeland? What a cast! Still kind of a good movie.
    Oh, and Nelson Mandela, whateva’!

  13. This film was notable for premiering an Animatrix short before the DVD release.
    I went to the theater, saw the short, and walked out before the movie started.

  14. Quick Correction/Fun Fact : Dogs do not actually scratch their butt on the floor because of worms, they do so in order to delimit their territory, using glands situated in their butt area.

    • Dogs will scratch their bottoms for a number of reasons. One of those reasons being worms (as they make their bottoms itchy). They will also rub their bottoms on the ground if their anal glands are full.

  15. Yay! A NC about Gravity Falls next week! I can’t wait!

  16. Hey Critic, out of curiosity, is there any Stephen King movie you liked? Misery, Carrie, Christine, Pet Semetary?

  17. @8:15 It’s a Sleveen run for it! Also I picked the wrong episode to watch during lunch.

  18. Awwwww Chester, I will buy you a sandwich <3

  19. Wow… some of this would make even the great Garth Marenghi say… “really?!”… And he wrote a book where a rat learns how to drive a bus and his brethren take over the parliament.

  20. Honore de Ballsack

    “Shit weasel” sounds like something Jim Lahey from Trailer Park Boys would say.
    I thought the scene of all the animals running away was actually kind of cool and spooky.
    “Evil Eric Idle” made me laugh my ass off.

  21. The book isn’t one of King’s better ones — if nothing else it is at least twice as long as it has any right to, and I’m pretty sure the toothpick scene did happen, plus all that pointless crap with the military. . .

    But holy hell, this movie is so, so much worse than the book XD. Dudditz is an alien? Really? The flying hell man.

    If you want something that’s, you know, good. . .by Stephen King. There’s always Dolores Claibourne, Thinner, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, 9s pretty decent, the movie version of 1408 is quite good, and The Long Walk is an actual honest-to-god American Classic (that only remotely feels like a King book if you have read quite a few, in which case it is clearly one).

    And. . .that’s about it. The rest have problems that are, well, unforgivable really. I love King stuff, but it’s pretty damn camp XD. America’s boogieman indeed.

  22. Sorry Doug, you won’t see me there. Because I don’t live in the US.

  23. If I can be honest, I feel kind’a empathetic for the patient who “Ate himself to death”

  24. Honore de Ballsack

    Maybe that guy kept yelling fuck me Freddy because he had a crush on that obnoxious blond asshole from Scooby Doo?
    P.S. Can you please do Top 11 Rick and Morty eps??

  25. That’s not an “evil” british accent, or a “I’m so intelligent and classy I must be evil” british accent, that’s a “Jolly good show, what! Pip pip! I’m not an American at all old chap!” British accent. I’m Australian and I sound more British than that.

    Then again, maybe the alien is getting his information on “evil” from the humans brain and that brain has only seen Austin Powers.

  26. How about can a film be too controversial for a topic?

  27. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Great review as usual.

  28. Wish I could come but I’ll be in China 😀

  29. You finally did a shout out to Goodwill! I’ve been wanting you to do that forever! I go there all the time to put all my old stuff. It’s probably the most well known organization you’ve endorsed! Oh, and the review was hilarious too. Dipper is still in denial about getting everything he wanted!

  30. I thought the mental powers they use in this film are pretty cool. Who wouldn’t want to be able to find their car keys by twirling their finger?

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