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This week: Luke of Rocked Reviews joins us for an accidental self-service Waffle House, do-it-yourself traffic signs and absolutely every way to screw up an attempted arson (complete with Google search).

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  1. I don’t know if that particular article explained it, but you had failed to mention the unfortunate reason just why the utility companies still rely on divining instead of modern detectors or other technologies. Well, being so crowded, the detectors often get interference and the other unfortunate reason is that, a lot of the piping is very old, to the point that some aren’t even documented anywhere with some documents just being out of date. So instead of tracking down a laid pipe to fix a leak, they’re acting as if they’re looking for a new water spring :/

  2. @4:12 And the southern count just went over 9000

  3. Metal rods that are bent over your forefinger will, for some reason or another, turn towards each other over certain areas of ground. It really is like magic, but I think it has something to do with magnetism. You take little metal flags used to mark pipes, bend their ends and hold the shorter part of the bent end, and the long ends will turn towards each other over either electricity or over pipes or water. It truly works. It’s really weird but it works.

    • Interestingly there is also a reaction close to big ant roads, as far as i know it is unknown why.

      Best rxplanation i ever haired is that the tool acts as a amplifier to a unconscious movements. Like if you hold your hands still and have a pendulum in the hand you can make it swing in any direction you want. (Its actually caused by micro movements of the hand which are not visible.)

      PS: There is a place in Austria where you can try it. And interestingly wile scientifically it is not better than chance, there seem to be some spots where most people have a reaction. (Including the ant roads mentioned in the beginning.)

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