Duel of the Dippin’ Dots – WTFIWWY Live

This week: a new sheriff learns the true meaning of “Lead me not into temptation,” a scheme no one ever thought of trying (because it’s ridiculous) and the fastest way to make sure your custody judge is not inclined to rule in your favor …

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  1. I love Tara’s “If you want a 3 foot tall dwarf to shit in your mouth, that’s fine, provided she’s consenting. And has had enough fibre.” I would say “It makes sense in context”, but it really doesn’t!

  2. I thought Lost was a dream Bob Newhart had?

  3. That poor man has obviously still not gotten his Vanilla-Dots.

    (At least that’s what i am thinking of that article.
    But i have no idea what flavor of dots there are.)

  4. @18:20 Most soaps and detergents are some degree of basic in nature so that could be potentially irritating on sensitive membranes also if it drys out and gets tacky….

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