Dump Cakes Week Day 2 – MikeJ

Day 2 – Brownie time!

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  1. Maybe go through the book and find recipes that are actual “dumps”?

    It is kind of a crock that it seems so few of them are.

  2. Ooh, these would be good enough to break my diet if it didn’t look so crunchy. I like my pastries soft as heck.

  3. Again, it seems that all they did was eliminate a step by not putting everything in – brownies usually take water and oil. That’s why it was thick.

    It’s dry because you didn’t let it sweat, Mike. You need to cover it with foil when it’s fresh out of oven, then put a towel over it. Leave for 15 minutes. Then remove and let cool as normal.

    And because I despise nuts, I’d leave the nasty old pecans out and substitute chocolate chips.

  4. Red Velvet brownies?!

    MikeJ, my tastes buds love you and my arteries hate you right now, lol.

  5. Day two, and you’re still not making a dump cake! I’ve a feeling you’ve shot all these already, but of the ones you have made, have any of them included the words DUMP CAKE in the name and/or description of how to make it? Are you even certain you know the basic concept of a dump cake? It’s something wet at the bottom (like canned pie filling) DUMPED in the baking pan, a dry cake mix DUMPED out of a box on top of that, and a can of carbonated beverage DUMPED on top of that, tossed into an oven without even taking a mixing spoon out of the drawer, take out when done and Bob’s your Uncle Dump Cake! I did not finish watching this. I bailed after the first bitch.

    • If you want to see how a “true” dump cake goes watch the very first episode he did and how that totally failed.

    • UM, the infomercial it was biased on was talking up how simple and easier all her “Dump Cake” Recipes are so he is doing the recipes out of the book. Also if you watched to the end tomorrow will be a true dump cake.

      • Fine. Just don’t bitch about a recipe that does not identify itself as a “dump cake” because it isn’t a dump cake. The title of the book isn’t “100% Dump Cake Recipes And Nothing Else”.

  6. Mike, it’ll say “dump cake” whenever it’s a dump cake.

    Apple pie dump cake.

  7. Why didn’t you start with the Wanker Whisk?

  8. Just curious if you’re converting cups as well as temperature. That could make a difference when it comes to moisture in the cake.

  9. I noticed the block of butter clung to your mixer fairly tenaciously. You might want to consider ‘softening’ the butter in the microwave first for easier mixing, or let the butter warm up to room temperature before adding it. Cold butter = difficult to mix in. There are exceptions- some flaky pastries requiring distinct layers of butter and dough (e.g. croissants) explicitly require cold butter to work, but dump cakes don’t meet that description.

  10. Red velvet is a tragedy for me. I really like the cake (or w/e form it takes) but I don’t care for cream cheese frosting, which tops red velvet about 95% of the time. I can make it myself I know, but it never tastes very good when I make it. *sigh*

  11. Helpful tip for baking brownies:

    Brownies will continue to bake a little bit after you take them out because of the residual heat from the pan. If you take them out of the oven when they’re almost, but not quite, done you’ll get get a really nice, moist brownie.

    If you substituted oil for the butter it would have been easier to mix and come less dry.

  12. For pity’s sake, they used the wrong definition in the damn book! A Dump Cake is a cobbler where instead of a pie crust you use a cake mix!

  13. Hey Mike, I highly recommend getting a $20 oven probe thermometer (like this one: http://tinyurl.com/oa6yvoe). That way you don’t have to worry about accidentally under-cooking or over-cooking anything (or having the internet yell at you about it).

    Just put the probe in the center of the cake and set the alarm for 205F (93C). Having a thermometer makes all kinds of cooking and baking way easier. Plus you’ll be able to see how accurate the cookbook instructions and your oven are.

    Here’s a temp chart you can use if you decide to go that route, baked goods are the 5th category down.


  14. SailorRustyBacon

    That brownie batter looks like cookie dough; perhaps it would be less dry if they were baked as cookies/biscuits, plus the baking time should be about the same as what the instructions say.

    That being said, I can’t help but wonder if Mike ate the rest of them, bucket of tea & all!

  15. That’s a “Englishman pretending to be a Texan” accent. 😉

  16. Hmm, well disgusting pecans, throne of lies and hardness issues aside, that does seem like a nice recipe… I feel like you could just add some oil or water or whatever without that much more work or destroying the soul of the recipe though, so the gimmick of the book remains dubious.

  17. It turned out, a lot better than I thought it would.

  18. Do you think being dry was their attempt at making it chewy, like brownies are supposed to be?

  19. I don’t understand red velvet cake. Why is it red? They just dye it… why?!

  20. I’m thinking about 1/4 cup of vegetable oil would have solved a couple of problems.

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