DVD-R Hell: Tequila and Bonetti: Reel Life

A movie star teams up with Tequila and Bonetti, plus we find out what a thanks, Tequila episode is.

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  1. With all those dumbass dog movies being released in America, I’m waiting for the dog movie porn spoof, where the dogs get together at the end and you just watch them screw in a 20+ minute scene set to porn music.

  2. I’m seriously considering changing my ringtone to the Tequila and Bonetti mid-episode jingle.

  3. This seems to be one of those ‘out of character’ episodes for a few of the characters, including Tequila.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I knew shadow was going to be the bad guy because he was in the shadows and Heidi his face. But if they were to make a tequila and bonetti movie they’d probably cgi tequila and have it be really bad. Nice after credits scene.

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