E3 2015: Halo 5 with Microsoft Hololens Impressions – Battle Geek Plus

Ryan waits over 5 hours at E3 2015 to try out Halo 5 with the Microsoft Hololens. Was it really worth the wait?

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  1. Wow Ryan, you really waited 5 HOURS for this?! I can hear Angry Joe screaming that right now.

    I was intially impressed with the Minecraft demonstration with the Hololens, but I’m not too confident in Microsoft’s track record with the Kinect on both the 360 and Xbox One (I unfortunately own a Kinect for both systems, urrghh). Unless this comes with a killer game which isn’t a glorified tech demo, count me out.

    Good video though and I still can’t believe you waited 5 hours.

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