Easy Mode Go Podcast: What is a Nerd? Shark Jumping

It’s the debut episode of Easy Mode Go, Shark Jumping’s official nerd culture podcast! Beth Elderkin is joined by John Czahor to talk about Seth Rogan’s gamer pilot, Nintendo contemplating a Marvel Universe, and what does it mean to be a nerd in 2016?

About SharkJumping

Hosts Tim & Beth break down the best, worst and strangest TV shows to find out when they jumped the shark.


  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Cool podcast. Definitely like that it’s shorter then your ouatiming podcast(which was short at first but got way too longer and i hope that doesn’t happen with this).

    • I agree with that. I mean seriously those should be about at most say double the length of the walker brothers gravity fall vlogs so like a half hour to 45ish minutes and should not be longer then the actual episode all the time and if you want to go on longer have that honestly be the extra stuff.

      Still good start to this. Honestly there was a podcast on CA about nerdy topic (nerd to the third power) but… yeah that’s no longer a CA thing at all and this seems to be more specific vague topics and to go off on one worth discussing which again is fine and hope you guys work out a system balancing that out when you get in your groove in later episodes and such.

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